Reason #286,121 and #286,122

It’s true, there are a ton of reasons why I absolutely adore my husband. This weekend he added 2 more … We ran out of toilet paper upstairs on Sunday night. Being too lazy/pregnant to trek to the garage for more I moved my tissue box into the bathroom for my midnight visits. By the […]

Doctor, where are you?

Here’s a little vent on finding a pediatrician …Call me picky, but I really want someone we connect with. I want someone who is interested in my ideas about parenting (delayed vaccines, babywearing, co-sleeping, breastfeeding,etc.). I would like someone who helps to educate me rather than strictly sharing their opinion. I NEED someone who is […]

This is what compromise looks like …

We are in the very beginning stages of piecing together the nursery corner of our room. See that chic TV perched atop the dresser? Yep, that is what compromise between Dominic and I looks like. I would prefer to trash the TV, he would prefer it morph into a 42″ flat screen mounted on the […]

To the Brim

I am brimming with angst and longing to do something creative. Something. ANYTHING. Often time doesn’t allow, so I sit and dream of a day with lots of time and energy and enthusiasm to conquer a project other than laundry. You see, yesterday I went treasure hunting at the Salvation Army. I mean, who can […]