Ruffle Butt

I have a little stash of Target gift cards which are burning a hole in my pocket. I desperately want to go crazy getting cute and necessary baby items from our registry. But, alas, I’m trying to hold off. Primary for these pink ruffle butt diapers. If I don’t have a girl these could haunt me and I never want to be tempted to put my little man in them!

Target gift cards — please stay tucked away until baby’s arrival. Don’t sneak into my purse and pressure me to order loveliness with ruffles. Let’s just hold off until October. Ok?

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    I LOVE LOVE LOVE those ruffle butts. Unfortunately, I hate G-Diapers, though. But perhaps (if Peanut ends up being a girl) I could put up with them every once in awhile just for the cuteness factor.

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    I love these, but am not all that thrilled with G diapers either! I had used them with Teagan and they are my last resort diapers for Harper – and they don't get used! The concept is great but they leave marks on her legs/tummy and the covers get leaked on everytime, so, unlike the Flips, you have to wash almost every use!!

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    This is good to know! I got a starter pack (2 covers and a pack of disposeable inserts) for super cheap at Target … $7, they had been an online return or something. So, I figured I would give them a try, but looks like I won't invest much more in them.Unless I get these ruffle ones for a photo op :)

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    Yeah from what I have read not all babies are made for G's let alone for any cloth diaper for that matter. Different cloth diapers fit different babes. We are going to try G's crossing fingers they work!!