Reason #286,121 and #286,122

It’s true, there are a ton of reasons why I absolutely adore my husband. This weekend he added 2 more …

  1. We ran out of toilet paper upstairs on Sunday night. Being too lazy/pregnant to trek to the garage for more I moved my tissue box into the bathroom for my midnight visits. By the time I got up on Monday morning Dominic had not only gotten a new pack from the garage HE HAD ADDED A NEW ROLL ONTO THE DISPENSER! I use at least 10 times more TP than him, so it was obviously an act of true love to watch out for my TP needs :)
  2. With the temperamental NW weather Dominic has made it a new habit to wake me up with the weather report. He kisses me, snuggles me into the covers telling me I have a few more minutes to sleep and whispers the daily weather report so I can decide what to wear that particular day.

Yep, he is spectacular and he is all mine :)

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