Eli’s Birth Story

Eli’s birth story is both very long and very short. Long in the fact that starting September 12th I was on bed rest due to severe dehydration and vertigo (Eli was born on September 15th), short in that it was just 1 1/2 hours from the onset of active labor to babe in arms (such […]

Reid’s Birth Announcements By Minted

When my chunky little man was still in utero I ran across the perfect birth announcement for him. It was from Minted, of course, and the moment I saw it, I just knew. Seriously, as I hovered over the preview, I could imagine my little squish’s photo and I 100% fell in love. The gold foil, […]

The Birth Story of Reid Rainier

As with many wonderful stories, Reid’s birth story begins the day before his actual birth day. On December 31st, the final day of 2015 I had finally resided myself to the fact that I would NOT be having a baby in 2015. Sigh. With a due date of December 28th I always knew there was […]

Welcome Reid Rainier

My last post, Lessons From the Womb, must have stirred up birth vibes because contractions started rolling in shortly after I went to bed on New Year’s Eve! As always, I didn’t really believe labor could actually be starting. But start it did. By later afternoon on January 1st my amazing son, Reid Rainier was in […]

The Day I Counted To 11

It takes a long time for me to process things. After my marathon labor with Jemma I focused on my new life as a mama and never processed the events of her arrival. Well, not until I was pregnant with Max and broke down from fear of experiencing labor again. During my first trimester I […]

The Birth Story of Max Valentine

I wrote the first rendition of Max’s birth story when he was just a day old, but I wanted to also share a more specific timeline of how things happened. Plus, now I have all of my amazing birth photos to match the story! Here’s how things went …   Wednesday, August 8th, 11:41 pm […]

Announcing the Arrival of …

Wanted to pop in and share some of the details of our little man’s birth! This is just the first peek – there were so many exciting twists and turns and I’m still amazed that we’ve been snuggling for over 36 hours! At this point with Jemma’s labor/birth she had only been born for an […]

Jemma’s Birth Story

My birth story took me the last 5 weeks to write. “Why?” you ask. Well, for one, Jemma’s birth was 40 hours long. 40 hours is not easily summarized in a few paragraphs. Two, I have a beautiful, bouncing baby in my arms most of the day. Three, said baby makes it difficult to type […]

Special Announcement

Our little surprise has arrived! Jemma Janell October 2, 2010 at 11:36 am 8 pounds, 10 ounces 21 1/4 inches    Mama, Daddy and Baby Jemma are settling in at home and will be back with more pictures and updates soon!