What’s Missing on Your Baby Registry?

source When I wander through the aisles of Target and Babies ‘R Us I can’t help but catch the registry bug. Everything is so small and cute and … sometimes impractical. Of course, everything has its’ purpose, but what do I really need? Not 10 rattles or 50 newborn onesies … that’s for sure.As I […]

Baby Gear, My oh my

I’ve tried to be a minimalist with baby “stuff”. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m doing a very good job :( In the beginning I had planned to just get a large purse for my and baby’s things. But seeing how full my own purse gets I can’t imagine fitting in baby’s things too. So, yes, […]

Ruffle Butt

I have a little stash of Target gift cards which are burning a hole in my pocket. I desperately want to go crazy getting cute and necessary baby items from our registry. But, alas, I’m trying to hold off. Primary for these pink ruffle butt diapers. If I don’t have a girl these could haunt […]


Baby gadgets are the bain of my existence. But this one by Fisher Price seems kind of practical … do you agree? I like the idea that we can convert it for different stages of baby’s life. Welcome to my registry EZ Bundle 4-in-1 Baby System :)

Getting Ready to Flip

My dear friend, Mallory, gave me a gift certificate to Simple Cloth at my baby shower last week. This weekend I spent it (better to spend than misplace is my gift certificate philsophy) on a Flip Day Pack which consists of 2 covers and 6 stay-dry inserts. Thank you, Mallory!!!Joanna over at Baby Gator’s Den […]

Meant to be?

Back ’round week 12 of pregnancy (ions ago, I know) I was sure as sureness can get that I was going to have a designer diaper bag. Since, I have come to grips with reality and gave myself a little pep talk. It went like this: “Girlfriend, you like to switch your bags too often […]

Baby Sleep Sacks

Whether a SIDS deterrent or just a cute nightgown I am all about baby sleep sacks. Can you say adorable? Maryjane Sleep Sack, available on Kim Scherer’s Etsy site Aden +Anais has some sweet ones too. Supposedly only available online and specialty stores, but I just spied some at Target, both online and in the […]

Laundry Detergent

When I’m trying to drift off to sleep I think of random things like, “OMG, what kind of laundry detergent should I use for all the baby clothes!” Right now we have this … from Costco: What do you use for your baby items? Do you separate baby stuff from the rest of the family’s […]

A Baby Carrier for Dad

We are in the market for a baby carrier for this guy … 6 feet, 2 inches – 260 pounds – crazy buff shoulders I totally thought I would be the baby wearer and Dom would be the bag carrier/stroller pusher. But no, he is very much into the idea of toting baby around. How […]