I’m pre-posting this, because today is Friday and Friday is “Jemma and Mama Day” :) Aren’t these itty bitty summer shoes just sweet? The sad thing is …I unpacked them from “the next size up” box that I keep in the garage and Jem has already grown out of them! Her little toes hang off […]


Jemma’s Been Nice This Year

Without even knowing it I’ve piled up so much for Jemma’s first Christmas. Some things are just too hard to resist! I adore shopping for a little girl. It’s hard to believe that by next year she’ll be walking and talking. For now I’m going to savor every moment of her Christmas babyness. Here are […]

Like Mother, Like Daughter?

I found this sweet baby girl hoodie last week at a consignment shop for only $1.99! Me and my girl (if baby comes out a girl) will be twinsies!!! Pretty close, huh? Baby Hoodie – vintage Old NavyMama Hoodie – 2008 (or so) Lululemon Athletica

Ruffle Butt

I have a little stash of Target gift cards which are burning a hole in my pocket. I desperately want to go crazy getting cute and necessary baby items from our registry. But, alas, I’m trying to hold off. Primary for these pink ruffle butt diapers. If I don’t have a girl these could haunt […]

What will the wive’s say?

Tracey over at My Sweet T compiled all of the gender wive’s tales to determine if she is having a boy or girl. Of course she had a tie, and I bet I will too … let’s see! If the heart rate is under 140 you’ll have a boy.I believe our last appointment was 154 […]

Mimi’s on a Roll

My Mom has dubbed herself “Mimi” for her grandma name. Mimi has been doing some crazy shopping in preparation for little one’s arrival. Lately, Etsy has been her prime shopping destination. I don’t let her order hardly anything (which does not make Mimi happy) since we don’t yet know the gender. But … Last night […]