I am a total whimp when it comes to taking pills. Like I gag and break out it a sweat if you ask me to swallow something bigger than a mini M&M. There is no doubt in my mind that pills are my archnemesis.I battled prenatals for quite some time. First, I had huge horse […]

More on Moving

No need to sugar coat things. Moving is tough. It’s unsettling to be in a new place that doesn’t yet feel like home. Moving isn’t fun and I prefer fun. Yesterday morning I couldn’t find the box with my hairspray. I guess I was the ring leader for a new holiday — “Flat Hair Day”. […]

Not Victoria’s Secret

Nursing bras.Yikes.Not really something I want to think about. I already have a hard enough time finding semi-attractive bras for my girls. My ma blessed me with quite a pair (yep, mom, I’m calling you out for your boob genes). As much as I love Nordstrom, my visits to their lingerie department always make me […]

My friend, the scale

I wonder about alot of things that should never cross a person’s mind.One of these taboo wonderings is … “How much does that person weigh?” It doesn’t matter if it a rail thin person or not … I wonder. I always wish I knew so I could further hone my weight-guessing skills.I would love to […]