Shrink, Mama, Shrink!

I forgot to mention … along with Jemma’s growth, I have been shrinking. Today marks my return to pre-pregnancy weight. The scale read 154.6 pounds this morning (I was 155 when I got pregnant and then dropped to 145, before bounding up to 186 the day I went into labor)..Now to just tone everything up […]

Day #18 – Thirty is Around the Corner

I’m experiencing one of those life conundrums. Time is going so fast, and yet, it is going so slow. Approximately 13 days until our little one arrives! Tonight at dinner Dominic and I were discussing plans for my 24th birthday. Nothing extravagant since we don’t know when our little one will make there debut, but  […]

Watch Your Words

This has nothing to do with pregnancy. You know why? I’m feeling a touch tired of being pregnant. Definitely ready to meet this little one. Not that I am rushing things. I want the bun to be done and will somehow convince myself to be patient. But still, can’t time pick up a bit?I found […]