You Know You’re Pregnant When …

… you and your long-distance pregnant bestie have text conversations like this:

  • Gretchen – I wanted to sleep more this morning so I didn’t wash my hair today.
  • Mallory – I have the occasional Pepsi. I sent Devin [her husband] to a dentist appt this morning that is actually tomorrow …
  • Gretchen – I called Dom yesterday to remind me what I needed to get at Target … Yep, he is keeping track of my to-do list now. I am an emotional space cadet.
  • Mallory – You are not alone!!! Our brains actually shrink during pregnancy. Explains alot.

Praise the Lord! We aren’t going crazy. We are just pregnant.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering … this is Mal and I having an e-date! Since we can’t have lunch together today we are meeting up via iPhone Bump Pics :)

Mallory and my sweet niece at 34 weeks
(yes, I have dubbed myself that baby’s Auntie G)
Me and the mystery little one at almost 31 weeks
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  1. says

    Preggo brain, it is so much fun. Sadly it doesn't get any better it just turns into mommy brain. Congrats on the pregnancy (new reader)both of you look gorgeous.

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