September 23rd

From the beginning I have thought my due date was September 30th. You know, based on my handy dandy ovulation tracking iPhone application. But, based on my LMP, my midwife declared my due date at October 9th. So that’s what we’ve gone with.

But, now I’m wondering … well, kind of stressing.

There is such a wide timeframe when this baby could be born!!! How am I supposed to be ready?

Bradley teaches that most first time babies come at 41 weeks, 1 day. That would be … October 8th if we go with the 9/30 due date or October 17th if we go with the 10/9 due date.

SIDE NOTE — My mom is praying for a 10/10/10 baby.

‘ve read that full moons can play a role in baby’s birthdays. There is one on September 23rd which would put baby at approximately 38-39 weeks and another on October 23rd which would be a hellish 42 weeks. Pretty much, I’m praying that I’m ready to be a mama by September 23rd and still alive by October 23rd.

Only God knows when this bun will be done :)

When did you deliver your first baby? Early? On-time? Late? I’m dying to know!

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    It's soooo hard not to obsess about the due date!! My first was due on June 14th. I told everyone that according to my conception date (I knew the exact date of conception from charting) I was due the 18th. The 18th was also a full moon, so I went into labor at 2 am on the 17th and had him on the 18th (40 weeks 4 days). The full moon thing definitely has some merit!!!

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    Zoe was due March 19th, born March 23rd. Teagan was due May 2nd, born May 12th and Harper was due July 4th, born July 14th. None of my due dates were changed, I pretty much KNEW when I got pregnant. And I had to be induced with all 3. I know that's more than just my first!!

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    -My friend just had her first baby this week…she is due in 4 weeks :) Mom and baby are perfectly healthy!-My other good friend had her first baby 8 weeks early back in January. Spent some time in the hospital (only about 10 days!) and is doing amazing!God knows the timing-just stress about figuring out a boy name hahaha AND that baby is waiting to decide what day it wants for it's birthday for life!

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    I am so excited to hear you are using Bradley! I did and I am SO GLAD that I did. My first baby was 6 days late and my second baby was 5 weeks early. After having a preemie my entire perspective about due dates changed. Never again will I complain about a late baby. I told my new OB he isn't touching me with pitocin with a 10 foot pole for my next pregnancy.Babies come when they are ready. Oh and a little hint: when you tell people your due date tell them your 42 week date otherwise you will hit 40 weeks and everyone will start bugging you and asking why you haven't had your baby yet.Congrats! I hope you have an awesome birth experience!

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    I was exactly 41.1 when I went into labor. Babies just come when they're ready that's for sure – from working in the birth center I have observed:1. sudden weather changes seem to bring in preggos in waves whether it is a storm to come through or a sudden heat wave2. Moon cycles have some kind of effect, but the wave of preggos usually come in a day or two before it happens or a day or two after=)

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    My first was due Dec. 27, and I had her Jan. 3rd and I had to be induced after failing a non-stress test. It's definitely a waiting game!

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