Blood Work and Baby Kicks

 Last week I spent 30 minutes explaining a blood work request to the clinic – read more about my experience with co-managed healthcare here. I seethed at how difficult this was all becoming. Should I just switch to the clinic’s OB? Should I just spend the money to pay out pocket for the test and […]

Tips for Navigating Co-Managed Prenatal Healthcare

For both of my pregnancies I have opted for co-managed healthcare between a non-hospital birth center and a clinic/hospital that my insurance contracts with. This definitely isn’t the easiest option, but I couldn’t imagine doing it any other way. Co-managed healthcare has allowed me to have immense support from my midwife team while balancing the […]

11 lbs, 10 oz and a few other thoughts

Jemma and I trekked to Andaluz yesterday for her 3 week check-up. My little girl weighs a whopping 11 pounds, 10 ounces! She has gained a pound each week of her life!–I promise I’ll be writing and posting her birth story soon, but the bottom line is, we are indebted to our birth team. They […]

Week 36 & 37 Appointments

Ah, yes. The joy of weekly appointments. You know what that means? Baby will be here sooner rather than later :) No real news to report. Still growing (both baby and I). Blood pressure, pulse, baby’s heartbeat and placement (left occiput anterior to be exact) all look good. Left Occiput Anterior PositionPhoto credit  Only tragedy […]

Vaccines, Part 5: Preventing Reactions

At the end of Dr. Hoffmann-Smith’s vaccination class he gave parents 8 questions to help prevent vaccine reactions. I felt like this was really helpful information since I think we’ll end up pursuing some of the recommended vaccines. Dr. Hoffmann-Smith believes many vaccine reactions aren’t reported which then skews statistics and doesn’t alert the public […]