10 Minute Housekeeping

If you’re anything like me, sometimes it is so freakin’ overwhelming to wake up in the morning with 64,000 chores calling your name. Lately, I’ve been breaking things into more manageable bites and have seen a wee bit more success and organization ’round these parts. Wee, as in a little. But in order to encourage myself on to bigger and badder housekeeping efforts, yes, badder, I have to start somewhere!

10 minute housekeeping

Without further ado, I bring you ten 10 minute chores that can easily fit into a day or two of your regular happenings …

  1. Wash the shower curtain /// I have this fabric shower curtain, which I love, but it does need to be washed every few months. I do a splash of soap, splash of bleach, press start on a cold wash and it comes out super fresh!
  2. Vacuum the couch cushions /// Can anyone say “Cheerios”?
  3. Reorganize the under sink cabinet /// Is your under sink cabinet a catch all for random cleaning supplies and reusable bags? Ours is!
  4. Dust photos /// The tops and little ledges catch dust like no other. Dust those babies up!
  5. Freshen your mattress /// Gather sheets for washing and while the mattress is clear freshen it up!
  6. Cleanse the fridge /// Sadly, if you’re me this may take more than 10 minutes, but it should only take 10 minutes if I stay up on it. Pull expired food, wipe down shelves with a vinegar rinse and add a new box of baking soda to keep things fresh.
  7. Clean bath toys /// Not the most fun project, but a good one to keep the mold away and our babies healthy + happy.
  8. Paperwork sort /// I have a catch all space on my desk and it gets overrun with coupons, reference papers and more. I actually love to organize this space, recycle some, file some and add other pieces to my to-do list so they can move off my plate.
  9. Assess the pantry /// Another chore I “enjoy”. Looking in the pantry, dreaming up meals and saving on groceries as we eat through the pantry stock.
  10. Wipe baseboards /// Uh. Dominic always brings this up and I prefer to look over it. But, if I tackle one room at a time, they should stay dust free!

What bits of housekeeping can you accomplish in 10 minutes?

Just remember, the appearance of your home isn’t a true reflection of you. That’s the most important thing to keeep in mind about housekeeping. xoxo

Style File /// The Next Best Fix

Eek! It was a happy, happy day when my third Stitch Fix box arrived. I can’t wait to show you all what I got AND what I kept :)

stitch fix round three

Not familiar with Stitch Fix? It’s a personal styling company perfect for busy mamas who don’t have time or energy to search for quality, timeless pieces for their closet. It arrives in the mail whenever you want – monthly, quarterly, once a year – no long-term commitment, no membership fee and you can easily return whatever you don’t choose to keep in the prepaid envelope. The concept (and the treasures in each box) is brilliant!

Best of all, a real person works on your behalf to choose each item in your fix! I’ll share my note from my stylist – you’ll see exactly how much time and effort was placed into choosing my items. So, here’s the stesp by step of how Stitch Fix works …

  1. Complete a style profile here, it takes about 15 minutes to notate your size, style preferences, budget, lifestyle, etc. You can even submit the link to a style board on Pinterest!
  2. Schedule the date you want your fix to arrive – depending on how busy they are, it’s usually about a month out from when you complete your profile.
  3. A Stitch Fix stylist reviews your profile and hand selects 5 pieces just for you!
  4. Your fix ships, you get to try on each piece in the comfort of your home and then return whatever you don’t like or doesn’t fit. They even include a styling guide for each piece to give you ideas on how to put together outfits with your fix items.
  5. Once your box ships you’re charged a $20 styling fee, but that fee is applied to anything you choose to keep so you really don’t lose.
  6. After you make your final decision you complete a simple checkout online – marking what items you are keeping and giving feedback on everything you received. Was the price right? The size? The style? And then a blank box to add specifics like “too tight on the tummy” or “how did you know this color would look perfect on me!?!” If you keep everything in your box you save 25% off everything! Cool bonus, right?

Alright, now … a peek at my fix!

coral blouse

Filbert 3/4 Sleeve Popover Blouse by 41Hawthorn

Loved the color and the fit – plus, the sleeve details were just too darling! AND, breastfeeding accessible which I noted on my style profile as being my preference for the majority of the pieces in my fix.

striped dressRenya Racerback Striped Maxi Dress by Renee C

Super quality material – loved the drap-y fit at the waist. Super flattering and as you can see VERSATILE! Above it’s paired with two other pieces from my box …

Cosette Crochet Detail Knit Shirt by Ezra

Beautiful detail, great length and well, I wear black often so a pretty black tee is good by me. Plus, I’m starting to prefer scoop necks over v-necks these days.

Kalie Distressed Denim Jacket by Mavi

How did my stylist know I’ve had my eye out for a new denim jacket? My current one is a lighter denim and from my high school days. This one. THIS ONE. I’m absolutely in love! It’s as soft as butter, lightweight while still being structured with just the perfect amount of stretch. It was a little more than I’d normally spend, but I know I’ll wear it often and have it forever so … justified.

green pantsKaleigh Ankle Biter Skinny Jean by Kensie Jeans

Emerald green skinnies welcome to my life! Again, great structure, fun color, stretch and mom-rise (also known as – no tummy roll or peekaboo bum). Paired with the Ezra black top and Mavi jean jacket.

I fully intended to keep ONE piece from this fix as a little summer treat, but I just love everything. I never thought that would happen! And, since I get 25% off if I keep the whole box it seemed silly to return one or two pieces. And if I had to return something I don’t even know what I’d pick! I know the jean jacket was my favorite and I see myself wearing the dress a lot so those were the front runners. But then the other three were tied I suppose …

I want to share my note from my stylist to give you an idea of how they pay attention to detail.

Hi Gretchen! I am so happy I have the opportunity to be your stylist today. We have so missed you! It’s been about a year since my last Fix! In this Fix, I wanted to focus on classic and flattering pieces that I hope will fit your style. I could not find a kimono style cardigan but I will continue to search for this style in future fixes. I had specifically asked if there was a kimono in my budget when I scheduled this Fix. I am loving colored skinnies for Summer, so I included the Kensie green ankle biter jeans for you to try. Pair the denim with the Ezra crochet detail knit shirt. Be sure to layer a black camisole underneath since it’s a little sheer. I know you wanted to see a scoop neck maxi, so I included the Renee C striped maxi dress. It is made in the USA, and very comfy. If you need a second layer during a cooler night, just ad the Mavi distressed denim jacket. I cannot wait to hear how you liked everything! xoxo

I know, I know – it’s like my stylist and I are totally friends! I’m so pleased with everything she chose for my Fix!

I earn a referral credit if you begin your Stitch Fix through my link – so if you’re curious, sign up here. The worst case scenario is you spend $20 on your styling fee. Best case, you find a piece or two (or five!) to complement your closet and amp up your mama style! And remember, the styling fee applies to whatever you keep.

There is no doubt in my mind that Stitch Fix gets better and better as the stylists learn more about you. Take a peek at my first and second Stitch Fix boxes if you like. I can’t wait to see what treasures my next box holds – I scheduled it to arrive right before my birthday in October!

Perfect Pop Meets 12 Documentaries

Date night wouldn’t be complete without popcorn! But not just any popcorn, I’m talkin’ about the #perfectpop! A special thanks to Pop Secret for sponsoring my chitter chat about movies and my fave snack today!

Once the littles are in bed and before Dominic starts snoring on the couch* we often tune into a bit of TV. For years we’ve categorized our television viewing as his, hers and ours — and these days, ours is almost always a documentary.

With our favorite snack in hand and a cozy blanket (we’re totally quilt and afghan people, are you?) we scroll through our movie queue and delve into history, scandal and others lives. It’s a decent way to end the night — learning something new, being traumatized by secrets and generally being fascinated.

perfect pop documentaries

For your enjoyment, here is a collection of our movie watching selfies …

date night selfiesWhy is the reverse camera always so grainy looking?

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering two things … 1) What documentaries do we love? and 2) How on earth do we eliminate fights over who burned to popcorn? Never fear, I’ll tell ya :)

First up, documentaries. Here’s what we have recently loved …

  • Blackfish /// Horrifying, but true. This film follows a few Orca whales in captivity. Walk away – You’ll never visit Sea World again.
  • The Lone Soldier /// Not technically a documentary, but based on a true story. This movie tells the story of a group of Seals in 2005 on a mission to capture a Taliban leader. Walk away – Tears, appreciation and questions as to what would have happened had the saved civilians not been backstabbers.
  • America the Beautiful /// Ever thought beauty in the US is misconstrued? This is the documentary for you! Walk away – How do we teach our children about true beauty?
  • More Business of Being Born /// The sequel to Rikki Lake’s The Business of Being Born. After having children, Dominic and I both enjoy birthy statistics. AND YOU GET TO SEE THE FARM! Walk away – birth is soooooo cool.
  • Being Elmo /// The man behind Sesame Street’s Elmo! So interesting and somewhat sad on how consuming this character was. Walk away – Career life balance is a true battle.
  • Surviving the Cut /// Our brother-in-law is currently in Ranger School and this film gives an inside scoop on the process. Walk away – WE COULDN’T BE PROUDER OF YOU AARON!!!
  • Death on a Factory Farm /// An undercover expose at a pig farm. Incredibly heartbreaking, but it’s foolish to go about eating blindly not knowing how food arrives on our plates. Walk away – Every time Dominic sees a pig he now comments that he wants to start a safe, happy place for pigs to be raised and properly butchered.
  • Titanic’s Final Mystery /// Did you know there is a pretty scientific reason to Titanic’s sinking? Me either! I learned so much from this documentary! Walk away – Science is way over my head and it’s a miracle more cruise ships haven’t met their fate at sea.
  • The Greater Good /// Vaccines, immunity, reactions and the pharmaceutical world. Very eye opening and thought provoking, especially for parents. Walk away – It’s kind of scary how money influences the healthcare system.
  • Marilyn in Manhattan /// I’ve always loved Marilyn. Such an interesting peek into her life. Walk away – pretty lives aren’t always happy lives.
  • Farmeggedon /// This quote sums it up and ties in well with some of the other documentaries we’ve enjoyed, “If the people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.” Thomas Jefferson Walk away – Wanna buy an island and start a commune?
  • Inside Chipotle /// All the Inside clips (they’re about 20-40 minutes long) are REALLY interesting. Chipotle is our favorite one though! Walk away – When is Chipotle going to start delivering? We’re hungry … right now!

And now, the perfect companion to every documentary … Pop Secret popcorn. But it’s not just any bowl of popcorn, it’s perfectly popped popcorn; the kind that isn’t burned or leaves too many unpopped kernels at the bottom of the bowl. Yuck, yuck and yuck.

pop secret and movies

Here’s how you save the day by savin’ the popcorn …

Download the Perfect Pop app on your iPhone (make sure you’ve got a 5+ and have iOS 7+). It’s free, so no reason to wait! Do it now so you’re ready for your next documentary viewing!

Next, put a bag of Pop Secret in your microwave and enter the suggested cooking time from the packaging. Take note, this app is designed to work perfectly with Pop Secret popcorn, not necessarily other brands.

Turn up the volume on your iPhone. Point the phone’s speaker towards the microwave and keep within 3 feet.

Start the microwave, and then start the app.

pop secret trio

The app does all the work! Perfect Pop listens to the pops and notifies you when your popcorn has reached perfection!


During our documentary date nights you won’t be hearing, “Great! There’s black pieces!” or “Why did you ignore the popcorn AGAIN?!?” … at least not around here :) Hallelujah! Now we can spend more time choosing interesting documentaries and less time worrying about the perfection of our popcorn. It’s taken care of!

Final tid bit of advice … serve your Pop Secret Homestyle popcorn with a small bowl of chocolate chips. The mix of salt, butter and chocolate followed by a cold sip of water is divine!

popcorn and chocolate chips

Download the Perfect Pop app stat and share your favorite Pop Secret flavor and documentary in the comments – I’m eager to know both!

*Dominic has been heading to the gym every day at 5am for the last few months, so by 9pm he’s tired, by 10pm he’s out cold!



Saving /// for this. Swoon. Someday, maybe, probably never :/

Closing /// up week two of 5K training. It’s getting harder, but I’m becoming more committed each run.

Loving /// age three. It’s really amazing how much Jem has blossomed this year. I’m anticipating good things from four.

Despising /// television. It just takes up so much time and is often quite worthless. I think the kids and I need to go on a strike.

Throwing /// things out! Well, more donating and selling, but we’re on a massive cleanse and it feels good. Do I say this every Currently post? I think so. Where does all this stuff come from?!?

And some links to share …

What are you up to currently? What’s something you’re loving lately?

Jemma Says

i match the flowersLook Mom! I match the flowers!!!

Always negotiating …
Here’s the deal – I took a long rest and then go’d potty and now we need to sneak downstairs and turn up the volume (monitor) so we can listen for Max and play just us. Sound a good deal?

When referring to hiccups …
Uh – these chipmunks is back!

After I told her that no, in fact, she cannot order a Starbuck’s hot cocoa everyday …
You are the meanest mom EVER!

Because having a brother isn’t always easy …
Ahhhhh! Max colored my kitty with teal! So I crumpled it up here (handing a ball of wadded up paper to me)! And Mimi says she will find a new kitty, but the one she finded has stwipes and I want a plain kitty! Grrrrrrr!

We bought the Snow White MagiClip so I told her that her collection was finally complete …
Nope, I still need Pocahontas! And Jasmine! And Mulan!
Yeah, so get on that Mattel.

In reference to Dominic’s mole …
God made Daddy really special because he has a dot on his forehead.

I obviously need to learn my manners …
Say it again, mom! I can’t understand you when you’re eating that food.

While singing Let It Go I prompted her to do Elsa’s motions, which she does when no one is watching …
I can’t. I don’t have powers.

In reference to hot cocoa, again …
I’m just so dissapated!

The day I “forced” her to wear pants …
Great. Now I look like a prince.

Questions Jemma has asked lately …

  • Do cows have teeth?
  • Did you buy me at the baby store?
  • When I grow up can I be a post officer with purple clothes?
  • When is the movies not going to be broken anymore? I may have lied and said all our movies were broken …
  • Do you think it would be a good idea for Max to have a time out so we can just rest for a little while?

 More of this funny, sweet girl here.

Taco Soup A La the Entire Garden

When the internet hands you lemons, you say “Yes! Please! This mama loves her some lemons!” and thank the sweet sponsor who sent those lemons your way :)

I’m 5 runs into my 5K training. 

This is big you guys, really big. Because I hate to sweat and I hate to run, and yet, it’s always been on my Bucket List to complete a 5K. So, instead of saying “someday, someday” I decided to say “today … TODAY” and off I walked/jogged.

It’s going well. Mostly, I just feel stinkin’ proud of myself that I’m sticking with it. Race day is August 23rd and my only goal is to finish. Ok, ok if I’m being honest I’m thinking that 40 minutes might be a decent time goal. I’m both training and will be racing with the double BOB filled with 70+ pounds of littles so I know I won’t go mega fast and honestly I don’t even know what the course is like. Can you tell that I jumped in kind of blind? My training only has me jogging 90 seconds, then walking 90 seconds for 30ish minutes this week so yeah, I’ve got a looooonnnnnng way to go in the training department. But, I have cute shoes and I just bought a running skirt from the Nike Outlet so there is a lot of motivation in my corner of the world.

And also, I don’t say sweat anymore. I’m strictly calling it “glisten” – because I can totally get on board with glistening 4 times/week.

So, as I sit here typing with jogging in one hand and a bag of chocolate covered potato chips in the other, I sense a wee bit of unbalance. Thus, I’m breaking out all my healthy-er-ish recipes and skipping my daily dozen of cookies. I kid, I kid I don’t eat a dozen cookies EVERYDAY – only some days :)

Now, back to my lunch – which was definitely NOT 100% sugar. You see, I’m mightily impressed with this taco soup recipe I’m about to share because it’s practically ALL veggies and has such a bold, rich and delicious flavor. I have so much restored faith in vegetables after 4 meals of this soup. Especially lemons – boy, do those amp up the fresh zing that make me want to lace up my tennies and glisten around the block!

taco soup



  • 2 campari tomatoes
  • 3 carrots
  • 1 garlic clove
  • Big handful of spinach
  • 1 teaspoon chicken bouillon base (I buy mine at Costco) – you could use vegetable bouillon too, I just didn’t have any on hand
  • 1/2 teaspoon Southwest spice blend – I use this one
  • 1/2 lemon, squeezed
  • 2 cups of hot water
  • Big handful tortilla chips
  • Optional toppings: cheese and sour cream


  • In your blender add everything but the tortilla chips and optional toppings. Blend until you’ve got a smooth puree.
  • Toss in chips and pulse once or twice.
  • Pour soup into bowls and top with cheese and sour cream if you wish!

lemons taco soup collage


  • This recipe normally calls for a full teaspoon of seasoning, but I cut it in half and added 1/2 a lemon and ended up with less sodium and more flavor – loved the fresh splash the lemon gave to this soup!
  • Have some celery? Mushrooms? Zucchini? Feel free puree those veggies in too!
  • Pulse in black beans, shredded chicken and/or corn for a more robust soup. You can read that as … your husband MAY consider it a true meal and not just a girly side dish :)

Fresh squeezed lemons are often overlooked for their flavor enhancing capabilities, but let me tell you – these babies are a must have in your kitchen. Plus, Sunkist conducted some valuable research on the benefits of cutting back on salt and adding in lemon – a great tactic in creating a more balanced meal since the majority of Americans consume too much sodium.

sunkist infographic

Oh, and after you squeeze that lemon into the blender – toss the rind down the garbage disposal for a deep clean and fresh kitchen scent! No reason to waste!

Ready to take the Sunkist S’Alternative? Take a peek here, pin some AMAZING recipes and learn a bit about the loveliness of lemons while we all take a moment to #tablethesalt!

doTERRA Lemon Blueberry Yogurt Popsicles

The other day Bianca chimed in on That Oil Family about how she has been using lemon essential oil and my mouth started watering … majorly. Because ohmygoodness, if lemon blueberry yogurt popsicles don’t sound divine, I don’t know what does!

Please welcome Bianca and her fab recipe and be sure to swing by her blog to win a Zoku!

The sun is a shinin’ and we’ve been spending most of our afternoons in our backyard playing in the sprinkler, lounging in camping chairs in the shade of our maple tree and cooling off with popsicles. Ahhh yes, summer is here. I’ve been on a popsicle making frenzy ever since we received our Zoku Duo and Fish Pop molds.  I’m still a beginner in my essential oil journey, but thanks to That Mama Gretchen and her slew of resources here on the blog and on Facebook, I’ve picked up a few vials and so far my favorite has been lemon essential oil.

I cook with a lot of lemon but my poor husband suffers from chronic canker sores and we have to cut back on citric acid as much as we can. I was so happy to learn that lemon essential oil has no citric acid so he can enjoy one of our favorite cooking flavors without paying for it afterwards. With that in mind, I created  this variation of the Zoku recipe for Blueberry Yogurt Popsicles for my family! It uses fewer ingredients and is much quicker to whip up for eager little hands :) 

blueberry lemon

doTERRA Lemon Blueberry Yogurt Popsicles


  • 3/4 c vanilla yogurt
  • 3/4 c milk
  • 6 drops of DoTERRA Lemon Essential Oil
  • 1/4 c wild blueberries — Wild ones are smaller and sweeter than the standard variety. You can usually find them in the frozen section. If you want to use “regular” blueberries, cut them in half to help them fit into the mold easier.
  • Wisk all of the ingredients (except for the blueberries) together in a bowl.
  • Alternate pouring the yogurt mix and tossing a few blueberries in. 

I used my Zoku Duo for creating these tasty popsicles – check out my Zoku review & giveaway to score your own popsicle molds!

Need to order some lemon essential oil? Shop here! Lemon is one of the least expensive and most versatile oils, definitely a must have!

Perfect Pins

perfect pins 1One /// Two /// Three /// Four /// Five /// Six

Perfect, orderly pins that I love and a splattering of random from life …

Max ripped apart the train set. Again. I’m really tired of reassembling it. I think I’ll be gluing it together very soon.

Jemma has learned to hide anything of value out of Max’s reach. Poor girl has a large collection of princesses, books and ponies on top of her dresser.

After Max threw up from crying at bedtime (we’re slowly transitioning from me being the only one who can put him to sleep to me and Dominic and Max ain’t havin’ it), I ate a bag of popcorn with a side of chocolate chips and sipped on a little mason jar of Sarraco while watching that Walter Mitty movie. Didn’t like it. Now I’m watching a Titanic documentary. Such an illustrious life I lead!

I scrawled a vague to do list tomorrow including …

  • Move craft boxes to the garage – Accepting that now is not my season to sit and craft so I’m sorting, organizing and only storing things I truly love and plan to work on down the road
  • Start the crockpot – Apple bourbon pulled chicken to be served with a fuji apple salad (did you know Panera is bottling and selling their dressings now?!?)
  • Walk to the farm stand for fruit and veggies – Lemons (sponsored), spinach and celery are the list, Jem is sure to talk me into berries too :)
  • Post crap on Craigslist and hope for quick sales – current life hashtag #simplify
  • Hang photos in Jemma’s room – I found gold glitter frames on sale at Michaels for $4

Plusalso, laundry, dishes, vacuuming and floor scrubbin’ :) Maybe even toilets if I feel very ambitious.

Oh, and those chocolate chip cookies up there? Truly the best EVER!

Happy Wednesday! Don’t forget to grab the free print from French Press Mornings today – I love her work and am so thankful she offers a freebie every Wednesday!

Mini Style File + Reader Survey

jemma pie

Apartment hunting with Pops – dress, thrifted Hanna Andersson /// tights, JC Penneys /// shoes, thrifted

Two things …

One, how did I ever forget to share this photo of Jemma from springtime? She begged to wear this dress so we added thick tights because it was short short short. She has sprung up like a bean pole! So tall and slender and the opposite of her chunky days :)

Two, I would love it if you’d take a moment and check out this little reader survey – it’s quick and easy and I’d be oh so thankful!

Take the survey here.

No, You Cannot Become the Bachelorette

Have you ever gagged on a sip of wine?

I don’t often, but when I do, it’s usually because I’m watching The Bachelor or Bachelorette. I mean, for one, do you recall Juan Pablo? That’s the tip top Prince Charming America has to offer? And now, the saga just continues with Bachelorette Andi. It’s like a sorority of drama-filled men and too many mini skirts, week after week after week.

The Bachelor/Bachelorette fantasizes love and honestly, it breaks my heart. Love isn’t embodied in elaborate vacations and overnight suites. It’s so much more. Sadly, this television show has become a glorified example of “true love”. In the age of reality TV the media is creating a convincing visual of what “love” is. Even more, they’re showcasing how you find it. And it’s all wrong. The next generation is being fooled about love and marriage. Little girls and young women are watching and listening and perhaps even starting to believe that “love” can be found outside of real life. And that just isn’t the case.

Although my daughter is just three years old, any parent understands that in a blink of an eye she’ll be thirteen and then before I know it, walking down the aisle. But with who?

Of course, I don’t know exactly who, but he has crossed my mind. I’ve prayed for him just as my parents prayed for the husband I’ve been blessed with. And I pray for my daughter and the journey she’ll take to find love. True love. Real love.

Call me controlling, but I imagine my daughter finding love in a more personal way than on a television show. Perhaps it will be at a dance, like how my grandparents met or church like my parents. My husband and I met at school and that seems like a reasonable option too. Truly, my hope is that she’ll experience a real life scenario where she and the potential mister can find common ground, commit to one another before pursuing the next phase of their relationship and see one another in the ups and downs that daily life bring.

And what if she chooses to turn her search for love online? That’s just fine too. You can develop strong, true relationships through online meetings. As a blogger, I know 100% that meaningful relationships are born on the internet. But with love, love needs to go through the test of the everyday. And that’s how I want my daughter to find love.

Between today and when my daughter begins her search for love, I want to show her examples of true love. If we, as a family, can overcome the sensationalized idea of love, I have hope that she’ll be blessed with a relationship that will more closely match what love is – patient, kind, without jealousy or rudeness. I want her to see real couples who have endured. Not endured a television series, but things like heartache, sickness, birth, moves, new jobs, tension and adventures. I want to teach her to fight fair, be vulnerable, confident in herself, care for a home, partner in finances and choose others over herself. I want her to find a man who does the same.

When my daughter finds love I want her to know and feel that it goes far beyond the surface of sex and glamour. Love is not a feeling, it’s an action. It’s the day in and day out of serving your partner. It’s a lifelong commitment. It’s something you find after threshing out a person’s soul and finding that who they are, all the ugliness, is something beautiful. It’s something, someone, you want to be with forever.

So, if the day comes that my daughter asks my opinion about her joining a television “love” show. You can bet my response will be a firm “no”. A glamorized, fast-paced launch into love isn’t love after all and I hope that through our many conversations over the years and study of true love, she’ll make the right decision.

Do you care how your children find love? What steps are you taking now, while they’re impressionable children, to guide their perspective of true love?

This post was originally published on The Baby Gizmo Blog.