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Recap time! February was, well, all the crazy hashtags. It’s mid-March now and I still feel like I’m recovering — the move, Reid’s RSV, my first trimester, (blah!), then, Chicago! That was the good part. Seeing family. Running away from real life. Eating good food. We’re home now (obviously), settling in to somewhat of a […]


5 Reasons You’ll Love Visiting the American Girl Store

We booked our trip to Chicago to visit family before we knew it would fall during my first trimester. It was the steal of the year … like, we all flew, round trip for a few bucks over $500. Ya’ll Southwest is where it’s at! We had a grand ol’ time touring around Naperville, hitting up […]

healthy brownies with a secret ingredient

Black Bean Brownies

This post was sponsored by S&W Beans as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. I hate to always harp on Max when it comes to food, but that kiddo has thrown me for a real loop when it comes to meal time. He […]

hello second trimester

Hello Second Trimester!

Oh my lanta.  That was rough. Well, it kind of still is (evening nausea anyone?), but I’m aiming to begin the start of the week, AND the start of my second trimester, with a brighter perspective and manageable to do list. And yay, you get to check it out, because what else would you want […]

bb 3

All Our Favorite Beauty and the Beast Treasures

Jem and I are over the moon, or should I say, “totally enchanted” about the upcoming, real-life Beauty and the Beast movie! The previews keep getting better and better and she and I are both anxious to hear the sounds and see the sights of this new film! Today our Belle love came a little […]

Gerber Soothe Colic Drops at  Target

Comfort Your Colicky Baby With S-O-O-T-H-E

It kind of makes me hold my breath. Remembering what colic was like.  I honestly don’t recall if Jemma dealt with it. Six years of motherhood kind of blurs things! Max did a tiny bit. Reid, though. That poor little bud introduced us to colic in a whoooooooole new way. I remember reading up on colic while Reid’s cries […]



I’ve written half a dozen posts about all our life transitions. And then they’ve just fallen by the wayside. Because things like packing and kids and surviving became priorities. So, the timeline looks something like this … In September Dominic accepted a promotion 2 hours away from home He started commuting, staying in hotels during […]


The No Splash OREO Dunk

Official rules can be found here: bit.ly/OREOSweepsRules Max had one wish for his half birthday — OREO cookies for dessert!  Specifically, “da brown crackers with whipped cream in the middle”. It took me a minute to realize what he was hoping for, but then it clicked! OREOS! Of course! Who wouldn’t want those for a celebration! […]


Meet Gabriela

Jem has fallen deep into the world of American Girl.  And this former American Girl groupie turned mama couldn’t be happier :) Jemma is reading the books, dreaming of visits to the store, watching the movies (Grace is currently on Netflix!), saving her money for dolls (retired ones, help me, Lord!), and unearthing my collection from keepsake […]

Purple Power Smoothie

Purple Power Smoothie

I’ve always been a fan of grapes. In their natural form they’ve got that perfect crunch. Plus, they’re small and not messy – my favorite kind of snack! And, as I recently learned, grapes are a player in living a heart healthy lifestyle. Who knew?!? Thanks to Concord grapes and the plant nutrient polyphenols, Welch’s 100% […]


This + That

I turned 30 last October and as my gift Dominic promised me a fancy day in Seattle. Together we chose to go see King and I since it was coming up at the Paramount and it did not disappoint! Well, for me at least, Dominic wasn’t really familiar with the storyline (which is partially true!) and […]