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On Being Thirty

Once the boys are in bed I usually sneak into Jemma’s room for some girl talk. We snuggle in the dark and she says sweet little things like, “Isn’t my bed the most comfortable, beautiful bed you’ve ever seen?” and “Did you know my name backwards is A-M-M-E-J?” and “While I was waiting for you […]


This + That

Forgive the quintessential pumpkin photo. But, for real, it’s October and aren’t they just glorious? We marched our way to the patch this afternoon with some friends. Max’s preschool field trip was canceled last week due to the Great Pacific Northwest Storm of 2016 (that didn’t actually happen) and it just doesn’t feel like Fall without […]

Disney pins

Disneyland Pin Trading 101

When I started planning Jemma and I’s birthday getaway to Disneyland last year I was tipped off to pin trading. And boy am I happy we were! Outside of the pure magic of all things Disney, pin trading was our favorite activity of the whole trip.  If you want to give pin trading a try, […]


My Secret To The Perfect Cup of Homemade Coffee

When it comes to mornings around here, there is no in between. It’s either leisurely and calm with praise and worship music, chirping birds, and a warm breakfast or me practically falling down the stairs running for the car yelling for everyone to find their shoes and grab a granola bar.  You guys, if there […]


GUEST POST — Norah’s Polydactyly Story

So happy to have Mama Stephanie sharing her daughter, Norah’s story today! My daughter, Norah, was born in the summer of 2014. She had a head full of dark hair and was absolutely beautiful! Within a few minutes of being delivered, the doctor announced that she had a double thumb on her left hand. To […]

small world

Disney Bound!

It’s true! Disneyland is in our near future!!! Again, you say? Well, yes. Disneyland makes me happy. I love it there. Jem loves it. And after our beyond magical experience last year I just couldn’t shake the idea that Daddy and the boys needed to join us so Jem could act as our official tour guide. Sooooooo, […]


Mexi Chicken Rice Bowls

For the better part of our marriage, Dominic has raved about this recipe. It’s kind of a wonder I’ve never shared it. Maybe because it’s so simple. But, simple and delicious is where I’m at these days when it comes to meal planning so here it is. I hope your family will be a fan […]


Win a TULA Coast Sidekick

You all know I love and adore babywearing so I’m super excited to be a part of this fantastic giveaway with a handful of other bloggers! I haven’t tried out a Coast yet, but I few friends have and they’ve said nothing but amazing things about this Tula product! Enter below and know that I’m […]

Rosie in Brandy

Happy Birthday to Me + a Lily Jade Giveaway!

I’M THIRTY!!! The big 3-0! Today was a normal, hum-drum day. That’s what happens when you’re a mama and your birthday falls on a weekday :) The kids and I ate maple glazed old fashioned donuts as a treat for breakfast and Jem and I shared one of the new Pumpkin Spice bottled Frappuccino. When […]


Our Homeschool Days — Powering Up Imaginative Play

This post was sponsored by Duracell as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. There are so many reasons we decided to homeschool this year. More than I’ll probably ever be able to put into words or fully understand. Dominic and I both knew in our hearts that it was best and day by […]


7 Tips For Starting Your Morning Strong

The smarts start right here! From one tired mama to another I’m excited to share a few ways I’m organizing my days by starting the mornings strong! Feel free to chime in with your mornings tips too! Solidarity, ya’ll, solidarity! Wake Up When Your Alarm Goes Off Just. Do. It. No, you don’t want to, […]