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  • We Love WaterWipes!
  • Part Three — Reid’s Polydactyly Reconstruction
  • The Secret To Surviving Kids In Casts
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8 Less Mess Snacks For Babies + Toddlers

Reid is my little foodie. This boy has been eyeing my plate for months and every nibble he gets, he savors, loves, and truly enjoys. Flavors are his friend and independence is his game.  But, here’s the thing. I kinda hate feeding him. I mean, I do! Of course! Or, Jemma does :) But can […]

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This + That

This really deserves its own post, but … we’re moving! Not far. Just a few hours north. But in regards to moving it will still entail all the sorting, packing, cleaning, selling, then renting, then maybe hopefully considering building again, and unpacking, and settling, and learning a new place, a new town, a new Target! […]

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We Love WaterWipes!

This post was sponsored by WaterWipes as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. In the world of wipes there are many choices, but today I’m super excited to tell ya’ll about the world’s purest baby wipes — WaterWipes! The more years I’m a […]


Part Three — Reid’s Polydactyly Reconstruction

We had our post-op appointment last week and I went solo with all 3 kids. You can imagine the comical event that that was. I promised 100 things for listening ears and quiet voices. I packed books and snacks. I tried to time naps perfectly. And, I fueled our trip with a salted caramel frappe from one […]


The Secret To Surviving Kids In Casts

I’m no actuary, but I’d venture to say that 90% of moms experience their kids having a cast sooner or later. It’s like an undesired badge on the vest of motherhood. Like, #realmotherhoodinyourface No one wants a kiddo in a cast, but everyone tends to get the honor of dealing with the heartache and inconvenience sooner […]

Butterfly Kaleidoscope

Jemma Needs Your Vote!

I have an easy breezy request today!  Click here and like this photo: Our city is beautifying its’ streets by covering those awful green traffic boxes with vinyl artwork. A number of them are already decorated and they’re absolutely wonderful! The kids and I love looking at them as we drive around town!  Another round of […]


Part Two — Reid’s Polydactyly Reconstruction

We drove to Seattle on Thursday morning, September 1st; Reid’s 8 month birthday. I had dreaded surgery day for weeks, but felt a big wave peace on our drive north. A lot of people were praying for us and we felt it.  We checked into the Bellevue Surgery Center and Reid smiled sweetly for his […]


This Month On mom.me

We’ve been reading lots and lots since kicking off our homeschool year. So far, this book ^^^, Flyaway, is our favorite library pick thus far. The illustrations are just gorgeous. I’m totally a sucker for pretty illustrations. And Jem ooo’s and ahhhh’s right along with me. It helps that Jemma’s sing song reading voice is […]


Reid’s Favorite Breakfast

Mr. Reid is a breakfast lover. No doubt. He wakes up hungry and practically crawls straight to his high chair as soon as we make it downstairs. For awhile I scooped him up to nurse while the big kids sat at the table, but Reid made it clear that he wanted to be a part of […]

kindergarten first day

On Your First Day of Kindergarten

Oh my little love! It’s your first day of kindergarten! And it happened in a blink of an eye. How? How? I mean, I’ve been here all along, but it’s still a wonder that you’re almost 6 and in your first year of school. We had planned to start our homeschool routine after co-op next […]