Raspberry Chocolate Parfaits

When the dears over at Kozy Shack quoted me on Facebook (yes, yes they did!) I knew I just had to share my latest sweet creation! 

This quick and easy recipe mixes two of my favorite things – raspberries and chocolate. I’ve forever been a fan and seeing that yesterday was National Chocolate Pudding Day and Monday is my mama’s birthday, well, I’ll just introduce my friend the Raspberry Chocolate Parfait … raspberry chocolate parfait

Swoon and indulge.

That’s what I say.

To whip up your own perfect parfait for a birthday party, afternoon snack, baby shower, holiday gathering, or any ol’ event … you first must buy this. Do not buy another. I have tried others and none compare. None. So just do yourself a favor and learn from my ways. *wink*


Makes 6 parfaits


In small parfait size cups or bowls place 5-6 raspberries. Top with 2 large spoonfuls of chocolate pudding. Add a swirl of whipped cream then garnish with a few raspberries and a wedge of Brownie Brittle.

Isn’t it divine how simple parfaits are? I love how pretty they look and individual servings of dessert are such a wonderful  treat!

raspberrieskozy shack parfaits 2

Kozy Shack is made with real, simple ingredients. Like, the kind you can pronounce. Things like that must be celebrated! I’m so over weird, chemical things in our food and just adore Kozy Shack for giving us mamas a wholesome product. You can join me in saying thank you here!

And once you say thanks, pop over to Kozy Shack’s Facebook page for many more great pudding recipes. Kozy Shack is hosting the Summer of Pudding with oodles of giveaways that you won’t want to miss out on! Oh, and you can read my quote there too! 

5 Practically No Prep, Nutritious Meals To Help Survive the First Trimester

Two questions to end the day with …

  1. Do you begin your first trimester at 13 weeks 0 days or at 14 weeks 0 days?
  2. How have you managed to feed your family during the first trimester when food aversions are strong and the wrong smell sends you fleeing the room?

Feel free to comment with your wisdom, read on for my ramblings and be sure to enter the giveaway!

Ever since finding out I had a bun in the oven I’ve pretty much dubbed myself “anti-dinner”. My poor, poor husband. And children. More nights than not Dominic gets texts for my take-out craving or I serve up a lovely spread of cereal. Dominic has even commented that we’ve never had so many cereal choices :/ I deferred by saying, “Target had a buy one, get one half off sale”. On both take-out and cereal nights I’m more craving the smell of nothing cooking in my kitchen than the actual food.

And that, my friends, is why I’ve become the champion of no prep meals.

They’re not fancy, but they are definitely more nutritious than a bowl of cereal. And if I was writing a first trimester survival guide – I’d include each of these gems as stars of the show.

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

French Toast with Fresh Berries 

Breakfast for breakfast or breakfast for dinner, I’m totally fine with either. Plus, the eggs and milk in French toast dip are a great boost of extra protein during the first trimester.
Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

Taco Salads

Pile high the protein and veggies with taco salads. I easily morphed this meal into something for the kiddos liked too with quesadillas. I could stomach the smell of tortillas :)
Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

Peanut Buter &  Jelly With Yogurt

Oh yes, I’m the one saying “PB & J is totally a real meal”. Again, good ol’ protein (especially if you buy a quality nut butter) and Greek yogurt is always a win.Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset


Picnic Platter

Don’t know what to make for breakfast, lunch or dinner? Open the cupboards and gather a splattering of anything that sounds decent – crackers, cheese and a fruit or veggie is one of my top picks!

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

Naked Juice

Last, but not least (and most definitely my #1 favorite when it comes to ZERO PREP) – Naked Juice. They’re packed full of fruits and veggies and fulfill breakfast and snacks for us all on the go and at home. If we’re technically speaking, I snapped a photo of the Chia Sweet Peach pictured above and am now sipping it while I type. For me, and many pregnant mamas, a constant sip or snack helps keep the nausea at bay and it seems that sipping a blend of quality fruits and veggies is a no brainer.

Naked has a bevy of new blends, all with no added sugar and no preservatives (in addition to all their classic flavors) and they each boast A+ nutrition facts. naked juice

Berry Almond Nutmilk

  • Each bottle of Berry Almond Nutmilk contains: 26 blueberries, 8 blackberries, 2 raspberries, 1 strawberry, 24 almonds, 1 3/4 apples and 1/3 banana. 
  • Berry Almond Nutmilk is gluten-free, vegan and dairy-free. 
  • This delicious, non-dairy smoothie blends together the goodness of fruit, almond milk and soy protein to deliver 11g of plant protein per bottle.

Bright Beets

  • Each bottle of Bright Beets contains: 2 1/2 beets, 1/3 carrot and a hint of ginger. 
  • Bright Beets is gluten-free and vegan.
  • This 100% juice smoothie is an excellent source of potassium and vitamin A.

Kale Blazer

  • Each bottle of Kale Blazer contains 5 3/4 kale leaves, cucumber, 15 spinach leaves, celery, oranges and apple with a hint of ginger and lemon. 
  • Kale Blazer is gluten-free and vegan. 
  • This 100% juice is an excellent source of potassium and vitamins A and C.

Chia Cherry Lime

  • Each bottle of Chia Cherry Lime contains 10,000mg chia seeds, 10 1/3 cherries, 3 2/3 apples, lime and plum.
  • Chia seeds provide Omega-3s, fiber, calcium, iron and some super-powered pep for when daily crunch time comes around.
  • Chia Cherry Lime is gluten-free and vegan.
  • This chia and juice smoothie is a great source of potassium. 

Chia Sweet Peach

  • Each bottle of Chia Sweet Peach contains 10,000mg chia seeds, 1/2 peach, 1/2 orange, 1/6 mango and 2 3/4 apples.
  • Chia seeds provide Omega-3s, fiber, calcium, iron and some super-powered pep for when daily crunch time comes around.
  • Chia Sweet Peach is gluten-free and vegan.
  • This chia and juice smoothie is a great source of vitamin A and has two grams of protein in an 8-oz. serving.

I mean, there is virtually no way I’d ever be able to whip up a smoothie that full of health and tastiness, especially while pregnant! Can you say “no energy!” So I’ve become a self-proclaimed “Naked addict” and I think my family (born and unborn) are all thanking me :)

What’s your favorite Naked Juice? Have you tried the new ones? Tell me what should find its way into my shopping cart next and you’ll be entered into a giveaway for 3 free Naked juice coupons!

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Sea Salt S’mores

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #LetsMakeSmores #CollectiveBias #sponsored

We’ve returned to the beach; our little corner of happiness here in the Northwest. It’s been on our calendar all year and I’ve been counting down the days. There is just something about the coastline of the Pacific Northwest that is so refreshing, so rugged and so beautiful. Needless to say, it’s the escape we’ve all been needing after a bustling few weeks of wrapping up school, moving in Mimi and Daddy’s wild work schedule.

Jemma and Max particularly love the beach. While I’ve been counting down myself, I’ve kept our trip a secret from them. Lord knows I can’t handle the constant questions – “How many days until we leave?”, “Is it tomorrow that we go?”, “When will it be beach day?”. Quickly followed by, “Are we there yet?”

When I finally broke the news, Jem’s biggest concern was my forgetting the food. All day long she’d say, “Mama, don’t forget the food for the beach!” I finally asked her why she was so worried about the beach food, to which she replied, “You know! The baby in your tummy makes your forget things!” Oh yes, I forgot! Poor girl has been the victim of some mass forgetfulness lately. Even more than the food, I knew she was worried that I’d forget these ingredients. A beach trip just isn’t a beach trip without a campfire evening and a little s’mores party! 

sea salt smores

It only seemed fitting to beach-ify our s’mores and go with something a little extra special. That’s why we decided to sprinkle our s’mores with sea salt! It was the perfect little oomph of flavor and paired lovely with the sound of the crashing waves and salty air.

To whip up your own Sea Salt S’mores you’ll need less than 10 minutes, an expertly built beach campfire by my husband … or I suppose your husband will do :) and these ingredients.

Ingredients & Supplies

  • Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bars
  • Honey Maid Graham Cracker Squares
  • Kraft’s Jet Puffed Marshmallow
  • Sea Salt
  • Aluminum Foil

sea salt smores 3A helpful little FYI … Walmart has Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bars in awesome 6 packs and the Honey Maid Graham Cracker Squares are there too! I found mine on an end cap and a mid-aisle s’more display.smore display


First things first, put someone on seagull watch. Those dudes are not scared of anything and gave us crazy s’more-loving eyes all evening long!

My preferred method of preparing s’more is perhaps a little different than most and if you’d like to join my s’more club you may :) First, snag a Honey Maid Graham Cracker Square and stack it with half a Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar. Second, sprinkle with sea salt. When everything melts, you want the sea salt to press into the chocolate and stick. sea salt smores 2

Third, add a Kraft’s Jet-Puffed Marshmallow or two and top with a second graham cracker square.

Tightly wrap your s’more in a square of foil, leaving one end open. You can now put a roasting stick in one end and quickly roast it OR tuck your s’more into the campfire embers and allow it to slowly melt to perfection. sea salt smores 4campfire

Gently unwrap and dive in to your gooey treat as the sun sets! Taste that sea salt? Isn’t it just wonderful! Best news? If you’re not near a beach campfire this weekend, you can easily arrange your foil wrapped s’more on a baking sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 5 minutes. sea salt smore meltedbeach sunset

What are your favorite s’more tips & tricks?

Do you add any extra ingredients to make them fancy?

12 & 13 Weeks


How far along: 13 weeks

Gender guess: A little back story here … We spent the weekend with Dominic’s extended family. His grandma , who passed in November, was a expert gender predictor. Her only daughter is feeling like she has inherited this gift and she has put her vote in as this baby being a girl.

Weight gain: I’ve been eating like bird, tiny meals and snacks here and there so I don’t think much if any.

Sleep: Some great nights and some awful ones. Awful all related to allergies though. Hoping to fix that with this new beauty! Never though I’d be so happy to drop 100 bones on one!

Best moment this week: Probably the above photo. Jem and I were posing and as Dominic clicked the camera she reached down to rest her hand on my belly too :) 

Worst moment this week: Preggo nausea + allergy attacks + a summer cold. Blah.

Miss anything: Not really pregnancy related, but I totally miss the rain. I’m in for a long summer! It’s supposed to be in the 100s this week!

Movement: Little flutters here and there. I’m looking forward to some big kicks and rolls!

Cravings: Nectarines … all day, every day. And I’m wrapping up some freelance work right now and going to get some JoJo potato wedges from the grocery store deli.

Queasy or sick? Just queasy.

Looking forward to: We found out so early with this baby I feel like it’s taking forever to reach our gender appointment! Mid-August can’t come soon enough!

What Jemma thinks: “Well, I just really love the name Moonalie for a girl and Reuben for a boy, but I know I’m not the one who does the picking.”

What Max thinks: You guys! He is finally getting into it! He asks to see my belly button every day now and says, “Mama has a baby in her tummy?”

We’re Going to DISNEYLAND!


That ^^^ is no joke how our Disneyland trip begins. 

A few weeks ago, shortly after I found out I was expecting I was passed out for a nap with Max and had the most vivid, magical dream. That’s the best thing about nap dreams, I always remember them and tend to wake up inspired and motivated. Sometimes sad. That’s what happened the day of the Disneyland dream.

I dreamt that I took Jemma. Her first ever trip and she loved it, of course. I woke up with tears in my eyes. So badly I wanted to make my dream come true! But, well, money. And logistics. And a new baby on the way. None of that really aligned with a dream-induced, spur of the moment trip to Disneyland.

So, I did what every pregnant and hormonal woman would do. I texted my husband.

It went something like this … “Just had a really great dream that I took Jemma to Disneyland. Wouldn’t that be so cool if I could take her before the baby is born?”

He replied, “Totally!” One word answers to my texts while he is at work is about as good as it gets so I was pumped that he at least acknowledged my jabbering!

Ah! Totally? What does that mean?!? Does that equate to “Totally, yes, honey, book it before I get home from work today” or “Totally, in your dreams, crazy lady”?

Once we were all up from rest I sat those kidlets of mine down for an extra long movie and started my Dream Disneyland Budget. Dominic is WAY more likely to consider a shenanigan of mine if I have an Excel budget breakdown for him to review. So this was my obvious first step in planning. 

That evening (and many evenings after) I casually tossed out Disney snippets, timeline options and money saving ideas that had come my way. At the time we were making decisions on how to spend some of our tax return savings because we ended up only owing $60 and had put away more than that in our tax fund. Woohoo! An entertainment center re-design was big on my list of ways to spend said money and one night I negotiated giving up the entertainment center in exchange for a Disney trip. In fact, according to my calculations and our entertainment center quote, going to Disneyland would be CHEAPER than getting an entertainment center!

Dominic was enticed! I was on the verge of happy tears!

He liked my idea of doing something extra special for Jem before she becomes a big sister again. She was practically a baby herself when Max was born (just 22 months) and so this time, at 5 years old, we’re both expecting and excited to see her fill a big helper role in our family when we welcome her next sibling. A whole family trip seemed overwhelming (and more costly) and we’re not really up for juggling a baby at the happiest place on earth so, I reasoned, if Jem and I don’t go now, it will be another 3-4 years before a Disney opportunity arises. 

Plus, as I’ve learned through my evening orange juice sips and Disney reading, going to Disneyland while pregnant has its perks. We’ll be able to take a slower pace so Jem can soak everything up and so I can keep up. She most likely won’t be tall enough or interested in the rides I can’t go on. And we can relax and watch shows and parades to our heart’s content – something I feel like I’ve missed in the past while racing from ride to ride.

Still, a decision hadn’t been made. Dominic is meticulous and organized and would never book a vacation based on a dream. It’s not his style and one of the reasons we make such a good duo. And so while he mulled over my proposition, I continued to research and plan and hope and dream. Then one day, Southwest Airlines had a mega sale and the chance to save big dollars convinced Dominic that it was time to pull the trigger on tickets! EEK! My dreams are finally a reality! I’d say our dreams, but Jemma doesn’t know about the trip yet! 

Disneyland, Jem and I are coming your way in September! And blog land, stay tuned for some fun updates on my planning and pre-trip purchases that will hopefully make this a memorable and cost-effective getaway :)

Photo Credit

Style File — We’re Twins!

Just to clarify … Jemma is twinning with her favorite people,  you’ll see what I mean when you scroll down. I AM NOT HAVING TWINS! Uno baby in this mama’s womb!

I’ve never been one to use special-for-baby detergents. Laundry is a big enough chore as it is and I’m not one to create more work for myself. Obviously though, what my dirty clothes need is very different than what Dominic and the kids need. 

So … a detergent that will cover us all?

Yes, I’ve found it :) method 2

This stuff works! And that’s exactly what I need for my family’s laundry. The new method 4x concentrated laundry detergent is tough on stains, keeps our clothes vibrant and is both biodegradable and hypoallergenic. Plus, it’s one of the prettiest things in my laundry room! method 1

Since method is so effective and pretty, Jem and I thought it would be fun to show you how effective we are when we team up in the laundry room AND then, how pretty we are in our fresh clothesLITTLE CINDERELLA

Jem is all about matching, whether it be pink on pink on pink or “all fancy” or “super twins” her version of super heroes when she and I are somehow coordinating. She even thinks it is pretty fly when she and Max find themselves in some kind of match. 

We’ll start a flashback of us all, because boy, aren’t we just the cutest Seahawks family!


One of my favorites of Jem and I :) She calls it “fancy orange girls!”


And a round of orange twinning with little brother …


Subbing out mama for a snapshot with her auntie and her favorite color … “purple girl twins!”


Black on top, pinks on the bottom! With touches of lace to make our every day a little extra special :)


And the best for last! Jemma has never been happier to find out that her favorite summer dress perfectly matches hydrangeas!


Ready to keep your clothes fresh and fancy just like us?

Don’t miss out on the coupon to purchase NEW method 4x concentrated laundry detergent! I adore the fresh clover and ginger mango scents and think we’ll be trying out sea breeze. What is your favorite?

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A Snack For Max — Quesadilla Roll Up

Every day it’s certain that I hear one phrase from Max … “Mama, I’m hungry!” 

I honestly thought I had a few years (or ten) before I was eaten out of house and home, but no, he is 2 1/2 and it has already started! Good thing I have this blogging gig to fund his voracious appetite! 

The hard thing is, Max is also my picky eater. He likes his routine and his same old favorites; day in and day out. One of those favorites is quesadillas! To boost the nutrition and hopefully keep him full longer I’ve started putting a bit more than cheese in his mid-meal snack. Take a peek at my secret ingredients and the fun way we take our quesadillas to the park!quesadilla roll up with bumble bee




Pan fry your tortilla while you measure out your filling ingredients. bumble bee 1

In a microwave safe bowl, warm the Bumble Bee tuna, cream cheese and cheese for 1-2 minutes in 30 second increments, stirring in between . bumble bee 2

Mix well to create a spread. With a spoon or spatula spread the tuna mixture on the tortilla leaving a 1-2 inch border. Roll, tucking in each end end and place in a wax paper bag. Secure with wash tape (we all need more uses for that!) and hand your almost spill-proof quesadilla roll up snack to your little one! bumble bee 3bumble bee 6

Quesadilla roll ups are one of our on the go snacks. Something I allow in the car on the way to after school pick up or while we’re walking or riding to the park. We’ve yet to have a big mess yet, so I’m pleased. And Max is full. Win win! Jem is a fan too, and well, me too :)

Albacore tuna really amps up any tuna recipe and I’m just smitten with all Bumble Bee’s new infusions. Look for Bumble Bee® Prime Fillet® Albacore Tuna with Sundried Tomato & Olive Oil and Chipotle & Olive Oil as we as the Jalapeno & Olive Oil one we used in our quesadilla recipe! to the park silly max bumble bee 5 bumble bee 4

Do you have a favorite Bumble Bee tuna recipe? Tell me about it in the comments!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

10 & 11 Weeks

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

How far along: 11 weeks

Gender guess: I ordered these in Grenadine. So … yeah.

Weight gain: Our scale bit the dust and I have way more important things to buy than a new one. This week I both fit into my size 6 shorts and a pair of maternity pants, so I’m apparently very flexible, lol!

Sleep: Touch and go. Naps are my jam.

Best moment this week: Hearing the precious thump thump of our sweet baby’s heartbeat! We totally lucked out and our midwife found it at 10 weeks, 4 days during my first official appointment. Yippee!!!

Worst moment this week: Tired as sin. But that’s not bad. Just normal.

Miss anything: Running. Kind of. I’ve taken a break since the race because I literally need all my energy to manage things around home. Hoping to ease back into things in the next week or two. 

Movement: Itsy bitsy flutters right before the 10 week mark! I was laying in bed with Max at nap time and just know it was baby. Baby flutters and little kicks feel way different than tummy rumbles.

Cravings: Spaghetti and sourdough bread. Specifically from The Old Spaghetti Factory! And all things citrus! Bought pineapple juice last night – yum!

Queasy or sick? Woozy off and on :/ Mostly in the evenings when I’m dog tired and the thought of cooking dinner makes me feel like gagging.

Looking forward to: Everything about the summer! Bump pictures at the beach, bump pictures at Yellowstone and then our gender appointment in August!

What Jemma thinks: We were laying in bed the evening after we heard baby’s heartbeat and she put her hand on my tummy and said, “Wasn’t it just the best thing to hear our baby’s heartbeat?” Yes, yes, it was :)

What Max thinks: No comment. Still. 

This & That

We made it to Friday, friends! Such a victory for me these days. This Friday is extra special though because after my daily nap I’m heading out to coffee with a friend and then dinner with another! It’s sunny and an iced decaf followed by potato pizza drizzled with truffle oil seems massively in order. Wouldn’t you agree?

It’s not all fun and games though. After weeks of laying low I mustered up some energy and caught up on laundry and some other very neglected chores this morning. Oh, first trimester :/ It’s all worth it, of course. Especially since we got to hear baby’s heartbeat yesterday! At just 10 weeks, 4 days! Yay! The best sound ever!!! 

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

Plus, it’s berry season in the Northwest! I’ll let you kick off your weekend with a little more this & that for your clicking pleasure …

Thanks to an August birthday, Max will red shirt someday, love this mama’s explanation.

So happy with how this works.

Still so happy they’re offering maternity!

Are their consultants available for this type of thing?

Well this campaign sure rocks — what a way to spread the love!

Love LulaRoe? Shop here and get your favorites shipped out to you!


The perfect match for this ^^^ and it’s on sale today!

Birthday gift … taking votes on color :)

Fellow preggos here and here!

Currently at Costco, don’t hold back.

To do when I have more energy :)

10 Confidence Boosters For You & Your Daughter

I get it. It’s really hard to look in the mirror and think, “Golly, I sure love you!” Usually we see blemishes and stretch marks first, tired eyes and crazy mom hair. 

But if I believe anything, it’s that self-confidence begins at home and the very best thing I can do for my children is to love myself just the way I am. If I’m able to model self-love and appreciation, I hope they’ll choose to do the same.

Today I want to share 10 confidence boosters for you and your daughter. Not that sons don’t need a confidence boost, but I feel like the words we use and the way we go about it are very different for girl and boys, so first up, girls … 10 Confidence Boosters For You & Your


First I say something I love about myself, then you say something you love about you. Then we swap and say something that we love about each other! It be inside or outside beauty, something about our personality or talents.


There are just some words that we don’t speak out loud. This will be different for every home, but decide what you’re ok with and what you’re not and stick to it.


Being confident doesn’t mean being ignorant. For example, my skin also has a tendency to get dry so I aim to drink tons of water and lotion up with products designed for my skin type. This little lesson applies to hair, make up, clothing and all that jazz. Being confident is learning who you are and how to best care for yourself.


Uh. The media is so full of photoshopped and unrealistic people. We daily talk about all the beautiful people in our life. The ones we see and know. And when someone truly beautiful IS highlighted in the media, I pay attention and share my thoughts with my kids. Yes, even though they’re little. They are listening!


Weight can become a constant battle. And for me, it’s a battle that just isn’t worth it. Our scale is gone and now I gauge my “weight” by how my clothes fit, how strong I feel and how well I’m eating.


I think we all KNOW this, but believing it and living it is something to constantly practice. Teaching my children about exercise and healthy food choices is just as important as helping them learn to take care of and love their bodies.


So often I focus on saying and modeling what I want my kids to believe, but writing it down can be powerful too. Whether it be a love note or a quote that I frame for our wall, reading words can be quite powerful in boosting confidence.


This applies to so many areas of my life and definitely applies to my confidence. It’s not easy to find balance, but I know when my life is less cluttered, both emotionally and physically, I’m happier and thus, more confident.


I don’t get “ready” everyday. My kids see me with styled hair and make up just as much as they don’t and I like that my full range is normal for them. 


There are certain brands that don’t align with the way I want myself or my family influenced. Especially when it comes to confidence and beauty. And so, I don’t support them or their parent companies anymore. It’s that simple. Money talks. Find brands who believe in you and send your dollars that way :)

Part of embracing the natural is letting my hair go free. It took me almost 10 years to love my wavy, wild and curly hair. I remember when straighteners first came out and how much I NEEDED one because my non-straight hair just wasn’t trendy or pretty. I spent way too many hours straightening (and thus, frying) my hair and I’m so happy I’ve arrived at the realization that straight hair is JUST ONE WAY hair can look nice. 

With my waves and curls I usually look for a hair product designed just for me. And I’ve found that in Dove’s Quench Absolute Collection. There are 4 products in this collection — Quench Absolute Ultra Nourishing Shampoo, Quench Absolute Ultra Nourishing Conditioner, Quench Absolute Intensive Restoration Mask and Quench Absolute Supreme Crème Serum. And I must say, I love the smell AND RESULTS! Oh, Dove, you’ve managed another win in the beauty industry! Us curly girls are happy happy happy! 
dovedove 2

Dove is definitely one of those companies I love supporting. They have been a catalyst in the media for featuring real bodies and true beauty. Love love love. They’ve taken things a step further in their mission with a new book — Love Your Curls. You can download it in e-book form  from the Dove website. The artwork is lovely, as are the poems inspired by real women. Plus, what better bedtime story to end the day with for your daughter? Send her off with sweet dreams of loving herself … just the way she is! Check it out! dove 3

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.