• Introducing the CYBEX Gold Line Agis Travel System
  • Lemon Meringue
  • 4 Kinds Of Bras Every Breastfeeding Mom Needs
  • Annual Mother’s Day Interview
  • This Month At mom.me
cybex car seat

Introducing the CYBEX Gold Line Agis Travel System

“This post was sponsored by CYBEX as part of an Ambassador Program for Influence Central. I received the CYBEX Agis Travel System to facilitate my review.” I’ll never ever ever claim to be an expert, but, being a mom of 3, I’ve tried out my fair share of baby products. I guess you could say […]

lemon meringue close up

Lemon Meringue

Dominic always requests something lemon flavored for his birthday dessert. All year long I force chocolate down his throat when it comes to desserts, so, being the awesome wife I am, I whip up some lemon deliciousness on his one special day! Then, back to chocolate :) I’ve had this recipe for lemon meringue sitting […]


4 Kinds Of Bras Every Breastfeeding Mom Needs

I truly envy the mamas who have figured out how to nurse with their regular bras. By the title of this post, you’ve probably guessed that I am not that girl. These here nursing tatas need mega support during their lactating days. For real. End of story, no negotiating allowed. Because of my fluctuation between […]


Annual Mother’s Day Interview

Since Reid was born, Jem has become the “little mama” in our family. This girl is practically on the brink of earning her own Mother’s Day; she is seriously that awesome. She has grown up so much since last year. I can hardly believe how smart and truly wise she is! What is your mom’s […]


This Month At mom.me

You guys, I’m on a roll with my writing these days, not so much with my running. But, let’s ignore that fact and focus on these Nike FlyKnits? Darling, right? And I can vouch for their comfort. The best ever! I’m on a total closet declutter — shop that jazz here and if you mention that […]

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Win a Lenny Lamb Carrier!

I’ve joined up with The Pierogie Mama to give away a Lenny Lamb carrier! I know, I know, so exciting! I have personally experience the high quality of Lenny Lamb — featured here — and am crossing my fingers that YOU win this gorgeous soft structure carrier! Continue reading to learn more and submit your […]


What Reid Loves …

Reid is quickly approaching my all time favorite baby age – 5 months! With all 3 of my little ones, 5 months has meant sitting up, lots of smiles, and super chubby legs. It’s just too darling for words! At this age he’s really interacting with us, but can’t yet cause trouble. It’s perfection and I’ll forever […]

one who nurtures

This + That

Jemma turns 6 this year. That means I’m 1/3 of the way parenting her through the years she’ll be at home. Cue tears and all the emotions! I’ve spent quite a bit of time lately thinking about what I want her to leave home with. Like, the top, super, most important things. All the essentials […]


My Mother’s Day Wish

Another Mother’s Day has arrived! I thought about running away today, or hiding … just for a day (or, realistically, until Reid needed to nurse). You probably know the feeling, that pull to find some quiet and remember what it is like to be alone. That isn’t my season right now though and as much as […]


How To Deep Clean Your Dishwasher

Bear with me! I promise, as boring as it sounds to deep clean your dishwasher, it is a must and I’m going to help make this Spring cleaning task as easy as possible. Deep cleaning your dishwasher is totally something you can start in just a few minutes AND, best of all, if you use safe products, your […]

gluten free hasbrown crust quiche

Gluten-Free, Hashbrown Crust Quiche

I am not a chef, not even close. I don’t even have a love for cooking, my sister got those genes … and mad skills. Let me tell you! When I am old and gray I pray she takes me in and keeps my belly full with her amazing recipes. She is only 6 years my junior, but […]