Forward This

Remember (back in 8th grade) when forward emails were so cool?Well, my poor Dad hasn’t gotten the memo that they are actually really annoying.I’ve told him this in a nice way, but they keep coming.So, instead of sharing his political forwards – I’m here with his latest and greatest.I laughed out loud so it must […]

Be Still

source I have loved this verse for a long time It’s such a comfort to know that in the good and in the bad it’s the Lord who is directing my life

Style & Substance

Just south of us, down in Cali, there is a pretty awesome family who is preparing to welcome a new little person into their life. Here is their story. Carters’ Story from Nick Benoit on Vimeo. Doesn’t this make you smile? There is a little boy in Ghana just waiting to soak up all that […]


My original return to work date was yesterday, December 28th. For the longest time that day was equivalent to doom for me. How on earth could I leave my little girl for something so petty as work?  The good news is, in early November I found out I was eligible for an additional 6 weeks […]

2 Months

Milestone sticker courtesy of Sticky Bellies I wonder if I’ll ever stop saying, “Where has the time gone?” Miss Jemma is a lovely 2 month old today. I never imagined loving motherhood so much. Each day brings more surprises; always leaving me wanting more. Just yesterday she looked straight at me and gave the biggest […]