Bathroom Fun + Living Arrows

This post could not be more unrelated – something fun and something to make you think. That’s how these days of mothering go though, wouldn’t you agree? Lots and lots of fun which is often closely related to messes and then the things that make you step back and really think and pray and trust […]

Forward This

Remember (back in 8th grade) when forward emails were so cool?Well, my poor Dad hasn’t gotten the memo that they are actually really annoying.I’ve told him this in a nice way, but they keep coming.So, instead of sharing his political forwards – I’m here with his latest and greatest.I laughed out loud so it must […]

Be Still

source I have loved this verse for a long time It’s such a comfort to know that in the good and in the bad it’s the Lord who is directing my life

Style & Substance

Just south of us, down in Cali, there is a pretty awesome family who is preparing to welcome a new little person into their life. Here is their story. Carters’ Story from Nick Benoit on Vimeo. Doesn’t this make you smile? There is a little boy in Ghana just waiting to soak up all that […]


My original return to work date was yesterday, December 28th. For the longest time that day was equivalent to doom for me. How on earth could I leave my little girl for something so petty as work?  The good news is, in early November I found out I was eligible for an additional 6 weeks […]