Birthday Wish List

October is birthday month around here. Which means preparation begins in September. Specifically September 9th (the day after my sister’s birthday).  You see, growing up I wasn’t allowed to discuss my birthday until after Katie’s birthday ended. Seems like a good parenting plan. Totally giving my mom a high five. Although, back then I didn’t […]

5 Ways to Survive a Toddler in a Cast

By no means am I an expert on little ones and casts. Max only had is on for 10 days. But, in that short time we did learn a few things to make his (and our) experience a little easier. With an arm cast, we immediately noticed that his under arm was getting roughed up […]

Bathroom Fun + Living Arrows

This post could not be more unrelated – something fun and something to make you think. That’s how these days of mothering go though, wouldn’t you agree? Lots and lots of fun which is often closely related to messes and then the things that make you step back and really think and pray and trust […]

Mama Talk

Jemma “decorated” May 2013 of my planner and later fell in love with her birthday dot paints When I’m at home all day with the sweet bambinos I find myself saying interesting things. Things I wouldn’t have said 2 years ago when working in an office setting. This is the lingo of my new job. […]

Five Minutes’ Peace

When I wrote this post for Anktangle, Miss Jemma was at an all-time high of  “I need mama and I need her now!” If I’ve learned anything, I’ve learned  this comes in waves and we always recover. I hope you like reading about one of my treasured childhood books and how it’s translated to me […]

Road Trippin’ with Babies and Toddlers

A 2 hour snooze sure makes the miles fly by! Traveling with little ones, no doubt, takes a bountiful supply of grace and patience. We’ve had our fair share of travels by plane, train, and automobile with Jemma in tow … starting with a train trip at 3 weeks old, a plane at 1 year, […]