We’ve been home close to 2 months, but I still wanted to share some of the pictures from our fabulous trip to the south! We went to visit Dominic’s brother, Anton, and his wife, Tasha, and daughter, Karrington. Jemma had a ball with her cousin and we ate WAY TOO MUCH amazing BBQ, but hey, […]


My sister snapped a few photos for our Christmas newsletter this past weekend. These are by far my most favorite outtakes … JEMMA BLOWING KISSES! … Oh so many ways to follow along … Blog – GFC – Blog Lovin’ – Facebook – Twitter – Pinterest – Vote

12 Months

Yes, I realize that 12 months is the same as 1 year, but 12 months puts me at ease. And, well, 1 year makes me want to panic. Do any of you mamas feel this way? Don’t blame me down the road if I’m all, “This is my daughter, Jemma, and she is 62 months.” […]


Thanks so much for putting up with me through all this party planning :) I doubt we’ll have such a fiesta every year, but who knows it was super fun having a theme and running with it! In case you have questions or are interested in some of the specifics from above, most of it […]

A Day in the Life

Here’s a little glimpse of a day in the life of a 1 year old and her mama, may I present … October 3, 2011! Jemma always wakes up with a smile She is also READY TO GO within minutes of her little peepers opening :) Blueberries for breakfast, her latest obsession This was the […]

The Bang Twist Has Arrived

Our week has been so busy getting ready for the One-derland party, but we took a small break to embrace Jemma’s pending milestone. What better way to celebrate a 1st birthday than with a new hair do! May I present, Jemma’s bang twist … Her new SQUINT and SMILE I’m pretty sure only little girls […]


Today I held a fresh baby, just a touch over 24 hours old. Priceless. He is beautiful and it reminded me so much of the little baby Jemma once was – the squishy face, the baby breathe, the little squeaks. He was born just yesterday and belongs to one of my dearest friends. A number […]

Life in a post

The last 7 months have been … well, they’ve been too hard to put into words. Awful.Scary.Empowering. There. That’s a few words. I never planned to return to work after having a baby. I knew I wanted to stay at home. I knew it was where I belonged. Adulthood brought about a different reality and […]


Hay-yo folks! This is her new “smile” for the camera – nose scrunch and squint :)   Lemon snuggle blanket for my girl, not quite done, but getting close! Estate sale score – rusted cast iron, ready for some steel wool The best morning companion, she loves helping me get ready for work You say […]