Little Messes

Each and every day I wipe and scrub and sweep. So much. So so much. After myself, my husband and my kids. Mostly my kids. I’d say I have some of the messiest littles, but I know the crumbs and spills I encounter are just part of the 1 and 3 year old territory. We’re […]

WAHM Survival Tip | A Desk For Success

The other week I was over at Liberating Working Moms talking a bit about how I make working from home a reality. I love Tracy, the mama behind LWM, and am so inspired by the posts she shares. I was honored to share about my Desk For Success … Work from home? Piece of cake! […]

Twenty Seven

Don’t forget to enter the birthday giveaway! Oh hey – twenty seven! My birthday weekend was super fab. Lots of fun, family and adventures. Oh, and dessert too. Because I’m all about that. For as long as I can remember I’ve had pumpkin pie for my birthday treat. Tradition! Tra-dit-ion! Yep, that was Fiddler on […]

It was our fourth nap attempt. Almost an hour into the actual beginning of nap time. That means 4 rounds of story, Bible, prayers, hugs + kisses, milk, music and lights out. As I calmly looked down at my blonde haired firecracker I said, “It’s time to rest, close your eyes, go to sleep and […]

A Day In the Life

a little project, goodwill silver platter painted with chalkboard paint and “what was intended for harm, he made good” genesis 50:20 | my after nap babies | the newest member of our family, socks c/o blabla | this man loves to eat | making cookies can be messy | loving on theo c/o blabla | […]


It’s been a lovely little break from blog land! I definitely need to do this more often. Unplugging is a great feeling, very peaceful and calm … even if I did stumble along the way and Instagram a few pics and catch up on Call the Midwife.  During my week off I took the chance […]