Little Mama

At 15 months, Jemma has become quite the little mama. Last night we babysit one of her dear little friends and she was the biggest helper! She sat right next to him on the floor, passing toys, giving kisses, and replacing his pacifier whenever it fell. We set out her old bouncer and swing as […]


My sister snapped a few photos for our Christmas newsletter this past weekend. These are by far my most favorite outtakes … JEMMA BLOWING KISSES! … Oh so many ways to follow along … Blog – GFC – Blog Lovin’ – Facebook – Twitter – Pinterest – Vote

October 9th

It’s Gretchen popping in :) I’m scheduling this post ahead of time because I just have to share what I was doing 1 year ago … SNUGGLING MY NEWBORN BABY! Jemma’s guess date was October 9th and I was beyond surprised when she was born a week earlier. We snuggled alot in those early days […]

Milestones & Meltdowns

We’ve got some BIG updates … Jemma is a crawler! She made her first move on her 8 month birthday eve (yes, we obviously celebrate the little things around here). See for yourself: Jemma is a signer! I wasn’t sure it was true when she first did it, but we’re a few weeks in and she […]

I’m pre-posting this, because today is Friday and Friday is “Jemma and Mama Day” :) Aren’t these itty bitty summer shoes just sweet? The sad thing is …I unpacked them from “the next size up” box that I keep in the garage and Jem has already grown out of them! Her little toes hang off […]

5 Months of Special Moments

I’m guessing no one wants another post about  how Jemma is growing up so fast and how I can hardly believe where the last 5 months has gone. Right? . So, instead, I’m going to share 5 special moments from the last 5 months. It seems a fitting thing to do since we are celebrating […]

3 Months

Another month has flown by – MONTH 3! Jemma has developed such a personality; she cracks us up all the time. Whether it be her sweet smiles, goofy looks or stinky toots we are falling in love with this girl each and every day. Miss J found her hands this month and is constantly chewing […]

Jem’s Stats

Jemma had her 2 month appointment today. Check out our spontaneous video for her stats … you’ll be surprised at this lil’ 9 week old’s numbers!