A Day in the Life

Here’s a little glimpse of a day in the life of a 1 year old and her mama, may I present … October 3, 2011!
Jemma always wakes up with a smile
She is also READY TO GO within minutes of her little peepers opening :)

Blueberries for breakfast, her latest obsession

This was the first time she crawled into her tent
Usually she sits just barely inside
Now she is in there all. the. time.

 The aftermath of her birthday party
I tried to do some quick clean-up during naptime :)

My little succulent and birthday matryoshka nesting glasses,
Thanks Mom!

I did indeed let Jemma watch a few minutes of Sesame Street
Since our TV is up so high she had to sit in her high chair
She loved every minute of it, puppets make her laugh

Fabulous new teether toy from Kat and Company

Errands with the mama
Hairbow by me, nose scratch by Jemma :)

Stay at home mama fashion

Digging into a good book

Packing progress

I made Jem try on some clothes before bed to make sure things still fit before I packed them for our trip
She loves to pretend to drink out of a cup like a big girl :)
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  1. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Jeans made the cut since we had to run a few errands :)