8 Months

My Little Lovie … You have blossomed this month! Your personality is captivating and your movement is endless. You laugh, smile, wiggle and on your 8 month birthday eve you started to … CRAWL! Ah! It’s hard to look back at the last month and summarize I’ll you’ve done – its been very busy, just […]


I had published this last week, but it looks like it never posted. Oh, blogger … are you still on the fritz??? Our week has been instagrammed!You know, like googled or facebooked — anything made via instagram. I was home with Jem on Monday and Wednesday and it made for a lovely, swift week at work. Two […]

Splish Splash

This is our last no nanny week. We definitely miss her, but we’ve had lots of fun with our hodge podge schedule too. I was off work on Monday, Daddy stayed home today and I’m off again tomorrow. Last night we all huddled in the bathroom for a little splish splash bath. Jemma is ADORING […]

Forever Friends

Last Friday my best friend and her daughter visited us from Idaho! It was a dream come true to have our girls unite and play for reals for the first time. They first met back in October when they were just wee bits, then again at Christmas, but this time they actually interacted. It was […]

A Week With No Nanny …

Our nanny is out of town for a few weeks.  We’re praying like crazy that she returns. Because we love her. She has promised that she will :) So, I’m not too worried. While she’s away, I have some fabulous days off (unpaid thanks to my maternity leave wiping out all my vacation and sick […]

Jemma’s First Easter {photo love}

On Saturday we got all gussied up and went to Saturday night service. Good thing too, because the weather was A-MAZING on Saturday (which allowed for outdoor pictures and Jemma’s first experience with touching grass).  She did a great job sitting during service and we’ve been teaching her to raise her arms and say, “Hallelujah” […]