Happy Golden Birthday, Reid!


Reid will always be the happiest way to begin a new year.  Being due in late December I thought for sure I’d have a Christmastime baby. But no, Reid had other plans and laid his mark on a different holiday – New Year’s Day! And that means this year, his first birthday, is his golden […]

Reid — 10 Months


Disclaimer – although I have managed to miss most of Reid’s milestones in the blog world, I’ve kept up with his physical baby book! Kind of a feat considering that Reid is my third and I’m homeschooling this year and prepping for a move and busier than ever with work. But I really don’t want to forget. […]

Bring On the Milestones, Baby!


Reid is such a good baby. The kind that gives you baby fever much too early. He’s easy going and happy go lucky. Always smiling and quite the little crawler … and one-handed balancing stander as of late! He’s a good little sleeper, comparatively to his big siblings at least, and this boy can gobble down a […]

Happy Birthday to Me + a Lily Jade Giveaway!

Rosie in Brandy

I’M THIRTY!!! The big 3-0! Today was a normal, hum-drum day. That’s what happens when you’re a mama and your birthday falls on a weekday :) The kids and I ate maple glazed old fashioned donuts as a treat for breakfast and Jem and I shared one of the new Pumpkin Spice bottled Frappuccino. When […]

Happy Birthday, Jemma!


My little love! You’re six today. Six!!! I swear it was just yesterday that we brought you home from the hospital. You were a darling girl then and you’re a darling girl now. You are the biggest helper and the most gentle soul. An avid reader. An amazing big sister. A true encourager and a […]

Happy Birthday, Max!


It’s the wee hours of August 9th right now. Four years ago I was awake too, sewing. I was a day away from my due date (August 10th) and couldn’t wait to meet my baby, but didn’t think it would be soon. I was wrong. Max arrived in a whirlwind at 4:41am. You can read […]

Reid — 6 Months


There was a time when I shared monthly updates throughout my little’s first year, but now that all resides on Instagram, #reidrainiermonthly. But, I figured 6 months was a worthwhile age for Reid to get an official blog check in … so, here it is! Reid is an absolute dream. The sweetest, most content baby. […]

Happy Birthday, Max!

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My first son and darling mama’s boy turned three yesterday. THREE! He woke up with a beaming smile and requests for snuggles as he always does, but still, he looked bigger, more mature and somehow it seemed his vocabulary had grown. For him, three must mean an increase in words, emotions and, of course, love.  Multiple […]

2nd Annual Mother’s Day Interview

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I really love these little interviews and should probably do them more often. At least, I’ve managed to do them two Mother’s Days in a row now! Read Jemma’s interview from last year. Can you believe that I’m decreasing in age as the years go by? This is Max’s inaugural year and he was a super little […]

February Duo


I know it’s March. These were just our photos from February so it still got tagged as the February Duo :) It has been a long, dumb week with relentless coughing and other atrocities. But sometimes seeing your kids at their lowest, while being at a pretty darn low yourself, really puts a glimmer of […]

January Duo

January Duo

I’d like to say this is the first of twelve installments of my little duo.  Buuuuuut, we all know I really stink at daily/weekly/monthly challenges. So, may I present just January! perhaps the first of four or nine or twelve … or maybe the one and only :) Jem is really into laying out her […]