Hay-yo folks! This is her new “smile” for the camera – nose scrunch and squint :)  
Lemon snuggle blanket for my girl, not quite done, but getting close!
Estate sale score – rusted cast iron, ready for some steel wool
The best morning companion, she loves helping me get ready for work
You say what? My best friend is coming to visit me from Boise??? omg!
Jemma’s nanny knit her a baby cowl for winter, too cute!
Embroidery hoop collage – thank you Pinterest for the new above couch decor
Sewing corner organization – VICTORY!
Reading in the grass
Mama’s bang braid – fancy, fresh, and perfect for dirty hair
life rearranged
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    Oops, if this is a double. Sorry just delete. It is showing that my comment didn't go through. Love the hair. Daughter is gorgeous and adorable blanket. have a great weekend.