We’ve been home close to 2 months, but I still wanted to share some of the pictures from our fabulous trip to the south! We went to visit Dominic’s brother, Anton, and his wife, Tasha, and daughter, Karrington. Jemma had a ball with her cousin and we ate WAY TOO MUCH amazing BBQ, but hey, it’s not like we could say no – the scent alone made you salivate!

Favorites of the trip include:

  • Sleeping in – the room we stayed in had black out curtains which helped Jem sleep SO WELL which in return helped us sleep awesome too
  • Rudy’s baked potatoes – Get this, you order a baked potato, choice of shredded meat, and add all the fixin’s (yes, fixin’s) – AMAZINGLY DELICIOUSLY. I chose BBQ pork and couldn’t have been happier. We went twice :)
  • Sunny weather – Nothing like a hefty dose of Vitamin D in the middle of October!
  • Hobby Lobby – We don’t have one in the PNW, so Tasha treated me to a shopping trip, gift card, and close to 2 hours of browsing. I’m in love!
  • Cousin playtime – Jemma only has far away cousins so it was priceless to see her interacting with Karrington – they played so well together, melts a mama’s heart
Hanging out on a bench made completely of horseshoes – we ate the best steak ever at this ranch
Ah! Mama is trying to pack and I’m being the best helper EVER!
Jemma and cousin, Karrington, at the Big Texan in their souvenir cowgirl hats
Auntie/Mama Gretchen and her 2 favorite girls
Getting up close and personal with the tigers at the zoo
Texas photo shoot in the itchy grass
Big smiles – I LOVE VACATION!!!
Relaxing morning with Daddy – coffee, Texas sunshine, and Dave Ramsey
The cutest 2 1/2 year old – MISS KARRINGTON!
Family photo shoot – Uncle Anton, Aunt Tasha, and Karrington. Check out their family blog here!
And the best of the iPhone snapshots …
Miss Wiggles on the plane
Did you know that TAA won’t allow you to wear your baby on the plane? Apparently it is safer for them to be “loose” while in flight … In case of turbulence I really felt much better about having her on me so my arms were free. The flight attendant could have cared less about my rational.
Yay! Hobby Lobby time!
Brothers and their babies :)


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  1. Ksdjlfh says

    Hobby Lobby just opened up in Lynwood! Woot!

  2. ThatMamaGretchen says

    WHAT?!?!?! That is the best news EVER!________________________________From: Disqus <>To: thatmamagretchen@gmail.comSent: Tuesday, December 6, 2011 10:24 AMSubject: [thatmamagretchen] Re: That Mama Gretchen: TEXAS!Disqus generic email template

  3. Shannon Hillinger says

    What I was told when traveling with a lap kid was that I couldn't have her in the carrier on take off or landing, but the rest of the time was fine. You may have just had a cranky flight attendant.

  4. Tara Ourjourney says

    i tried to wear my daughter on the plane too & got yelled at. I thought it was DUMB!

  5. mummytocharis says

    Last year when I traveled at Christmas with my four month old. I was told not to wear her during take off and landing. Which was fine by me, because I was planning on nursing her during that time. I would have been tempted to sneak her in the carrier.

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