These moments

photo by Amanda May Portrait Art Today I had success. My girl and I laughed together. She is learning to be silly and I cherish the moments where laughter fills the space in my home. She plays peekaboo. She blows zerberts. She looks at me with her sweet, toothy grin and I know everything in […]

Our Life: Instagrammed

The more mobile Jemma becomes the less time I have for quiet activities – also know as blogging. This is the season I’m in an rather than fight the constant go-go-go, I’m embracing it – camera in hand … On the rare occasion when she isn’t crawling and standing, Jemma still loves to be wrapped […]

9 months

My dear Jemma turned 9 months old on July 2nd. And – my oh my – I’m completely head over heels in love with this little darling. I’ll apologize now for the swarm of pictures to follow. It’s really hard to pick a few favorites when she is so busy with her expressions and movement. […]

Lions and Tigers and Texas Oh My!

Our Texas family (Dominic’s brother, his wife and daughter, Karrington) came for a visit the other week and we had so much fun together! Jemma is at the age now where she loves other “little people” and her cousin, Karrington is definitely her favorite. After dinner one night we were snapping pictures of them and told […]


A crawling babe must be contained on occasion. But not for long! Jem doesn’t let me forget that she feels a bit “caged” when I set her in the crib! At least she smiles her sweet gummy grin :)

Sweet Marigold

Lovie dressed up in her fanciest yellow clothes for her Aunt Katie’s Master’s graduation. Before heading out for the almost 3 hour ceremony which she did surprisingly well at we took a few pictures. The rest of graduation and Dominic’s birthday celebration are on my Mom’s camera, so you’ll have to hold out for those […]