20 Months

Jemma Pie, Jemma Poodle, Mama’s Favorite Little Doodle … Yes, it’s true. Sometimes we make up silly little rhymes together. This happens to be one of your favorites – you smile big and expect a tickle along with it. This month you have been through a whirlwind. We’ve been packing and moving. You’ve had different […]

19 Months

Jemma’s 18 month photo shoot from Yuen Lui Sweet Girl … You and mama have found such a lovely routine! I have some of my energy back and it has allowed us to have lots of fun :) Home days are by far our favorites. The ones where we lounge in jammies over a hot […]

18 Months

Dear Jemma, Every day you become more and more of a little girl. Each day, your wide eyes fill with excitement followed by new words as you discover bits and pieces of the world. You smile the biggest smile and laugh, giggle, and occasionally throw a wee little fit when life doesn’t go exactly how […]

17 months

I’m just in love with this photo – it reminds me how small Jemma still is :) My sweet girlie, Seventeen months is terrifyingly close to 18 months which is actually 1 1/2 years. Oh my word. AND, only 5 months until you become a big sissy! Are you feeling excited? This last month you […]

16 Months

Book explosion – Jemma’s favorite pastime  Brace yourself. Well, myself. How is my itty bitty baby 16 months old??? That’s getting awfully close to 2, or at least 1 1/2! Plus, now she is a big sister which makes her seem much older than she actually is. I’ve had a pretty relaxed month – battling […]

Little Mama

At 15 months, Jemma has become quite the little mama. Last night we babysit one of her dear little friends and she was the biggest helper! She sat right next to him on the floor, passing toys, giving kisses, and replacing his pacifier whenever it fell. We set out her old bouncer and swing as […]

15 months

1-10 number blocks c/o Ah!Natural Baby My Dear Girl … Could it be true that you are 15 months? How is that so!?! This last month has been such a brilliant adventure. You are a bright and beautiful gem and I am blessed to spend every day with you! FAVORITES Jemma adores bath time and […]


My sister snapped a few photos for our Christmas newsletter this past weekend. These are by far my most favorite outtakes … JEMMA BLOWING KISSES! … Oh so many ways to follow along … Blog – GFC – Blog Lovin’ – Facebook – Twitter – Pinterest – Vote

13 & 14 Months

Yikes – I completely missed Jemma’s 13 month post. Probably because we were traveling for much of October and early November. We’ll consider this a catch up for both months … My sweet girl …You and I are becoming the very best of friends. Of course, I’ll always be your mama first, but spending each […]