Baby Shower Memory Game

Leah planned the best game for my baby shower back in June – everyone loved it and the prizes were genius! Pretty much, it was a basic game of memory in group fashion. All the cards were labeled with pregnancy/birth terms and there were coordinating candy prizes. Here’s the list … Twins – Mike & […]

A Sister’s Love

We’re all ready to welcome Brother. Especially Jemma. She has perfected her baby kisses. She’s sweet. She’s gentle. But … She’s ready for the real thing. Her real Brother. Instead of just her baby dolls. I can’t wait to see my two children together. My mama heart will most likely explode. Sis and Bro together […]

Let the Babymoon Begin!

I’m giving myself a little vacation. Sometime in the next day/week/month I’ll be doing the whole birth thing which means I’ll be blogging a little less in order to focus on my family and snuggle my new little man! I’ll pop in from time to time, but to keep things rolling around here I’ll be […]


Cooking … I made these bars (lies, I asked Hannah to make them for me) as a good protein source. I’m planning to whip up some more to have as a yummy snack for our birth team during brother’s arrival. Making … More like what I’m planning/hoping/wishing to make. I have some sweet boy flannel […]

Style File: Red, White, & Bump

4TH OF JULY PARADE … tank and shorts, old navy | hat, target Red shirt, blue shorts, white legs. I’m so patriotic :) But, seriously, the 4th was wonderful this year. My in-laws came, we went to the parade, and we ate amazing burgers. And then we BBQ’d and ate some more. It was sunny […]

Hypnobabies | Week 2 | Call Me a Carnivore

Having a Great Birth Starts with Staying Healthy and Low RiskBefore pregnancy I never thought much about nutrition. I learned about the food pyramid (which has since been replaced by the plate visual), but that was about the extent of it. Pregnancy opened up my mind to all sorts of foods – especially protein options. […]

The Woes of Pregnancy Sleep

Thank you to ZzzQuil for sponsoring this post on what keeps me from having the best night sleep ever. Click here to save $2.00 on ZzzQuil. Pregnancy sleep is a fickle thing. Today at my midwife appointment my number one complaint was lack of sleep. Many days I opt to nap with Jemma for 2 […]