P.S. Birth Story Extras

As I mentioned, my birth experience wasn’t what I planned. I had hoped for a calm waterbirth at our birthing center. Instead, Jemma was born under glaring lights in a stark white hospital room. Of course, what’s most important is we were both safe throughout our 3 days of labor. But still, I mourn a […]

3 Months

Another month has flown by – MONTH 3! Jemma has developed such a personality; she cracks us up all the time. Whether it be her sweet smiles, goofy looks or stinky toots we are falling in love with this girl each and every day. Miss J found her hands this month and is constantly chewing […]

Twenty Ten

Dominic and I have resolved to make the verbage switch to “twenty ten” and “twenty eleven” instead of the long winded “two thousand and ________”.  Yep, we are all over significant resolutions. Now, on to the fun stuff … in the big ol’ TWENTY TEN we experienced more than we could have imagined. It has […]

6 Weeks

Somehow my 1 month post has morphed into a 6 week post. Jemma is growing up so fast … I can hardly keep up! Thanks to Jessica at Tart for the great idea of how to document all of Jemma’s milestones. I love the simplicity and am sure Jemma will have fun looking back on […]