19 Months

Jemma’s 18 month photo shoot from Yuen Lui

Sweet Girl …

You and mama have found such a lovely routine! I have some of my energy back and it has allowed us to have lots of fun :) Home days are by far our favorites. The ones where we lounge in jammies over a hot breakfast, snuggle all morning and then drift off to sleep for a morning nap. People absolutely underrate the beauty of not showering until the afternoon :)

I’m so impressed by all you are learning these days. You’re a little copycat and I need to be more mindful of what you see me do – sometimes you try to help with such grown-up things! Your bravery has no limits and you are blossoming before my eyes. It’s such a blessing to be your mama. The Lord knew exactly what he was doing when he gave you to Daddy and I – you’re the perfect fit for our family!


  • Collecting things in her basket, grocery cart, or bags and then sitting down to re-discover her treasures. She especially likes to do this will her sippies. I found 4 in a basket recently!
  • At the beginning of last month I asked her to please come lay down for a diaper change. She looked at me, walked my way, laid down on her tummy, and flipped over right on top of her diaper. She understands SO MUCH MORE than I give her credit for.
  • Jemma is following directions so well! I’ll ask her to close a door and she does, or sit down and she’s on the floor, or lay down for a diaper change and the next thing I know she’s crawling on the floor and rolling over! Communication is a lovely thing!!!
  • She has been watching me get ready in the morning much more intently. She now asks for a squirt of face lotion and she rubs it on her cheeks and down her neck just like I do :)
  • When she wakes up in the morning or from a nap she finds my face and gives me a big “mwah” kiss. She has also started giving three kisses at a time … one on each cheek and then the lips :)
  • Not sure if this is a favorite moment, but for sure memorable! Jemma is getting super quick at crawling down the stairs. I was switching laundry upstairs and she started heading down. A minute later when I walked downstairs I found her sitting on top of the kitchen table typing away on my laptop!


  • Getting and giving zerberts – the ones she gives are very spitty :)
  • She has become a little climber! She likes to climb on top of the foot stool, hop off the other side, and do it all again
  • Shrugging her shoulders to music
  • Typing on Daddy’s calculator
  • Coloring – she is obsessed! We have only had one coloring mishap where she found a pen and tried to decorate her play kitchen. Other than that, she finds her dog coloring book (50 cents at Target) and shakes it at me until I produce a crayon :)
  • Sitting at her little desk and doing puzzles, coloring, eating, or reading books
  • Holding things to her ear and “talking on the phone” – she pauses for the other person, laughs at what they say, and continues babbling
  • She has become very attached to one type of sippy cup, when not drinking she tucks it under her arm like a football
  • Playing peek-a-boo with a blanket or her hands covering her eyes
  • The outdoors – she wants to be outside ALL THE TIME!  
  • She has this one hair clip – a winter penguin face/head. It is by far her favorite one to wear and she’ll find it and pretty much demand that it be placed in her hair. My little fashionista :)


  • “teef” – also known as teeth, when she sees her toothbrush
  • “ball” 
  • “ticka, ticka, ticka” – seriously the sweetest thing, meaning “tickle, tickle, tickle”
  • “ope” – when she would like something opened
  • “boo” – for books
  • “weeeeeee” – she now uses this for everything that moves (cars, trains) and when she is on her rocking horse
  • “I nee” – also know as I need, for when she really wants something
  • Signing “thank you”, but more often than not it means please … she is all about thanking in advance :)


  • Strawberries and raspberries – she hasn’t liked them before now
  • Anything she can dip – hummus, bean dip, soup 
  • Green bean casserole
  • Still obsessed with any and all cheeses, especially ones with a strong/distinct flavor 
  • Cereal with coconut milk – if she doesn’t feel like her cereal is wet enough, she’ll toss it with her hands until everything is evenly coated! 
  • Fruit leather
  • Scones from the Farmer’s Market
  • Orange juice and lemonade (maybe because mama has been loving these lately too!)
  • The Costco Sample Tour

29.2 pounds and 34 inches tall
100% right-handed, no doubt in my mind
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    1. says

      She is beautiful! She sounds a lot like Elliot in her personality. He also loves collecting/organizing things, and he is getting very good at following directions, as well. He's absolutely OBSESSED with dipping things too!

    2. ThatMamaGretchen says

      Fun to hear about another 19 month old – it is such a cute age! I'm in love with it :)