17 months

I’m just in love with this photo – it reminds me how small Jemma still is :)

My sweet girlie,

Seventeen months is terrifyingly close to 18 months which is actually 1 1/2 years. Oh my word. AND, only 5 months until you become a big sissy! Are you feeling excited?

This last month you have truly become a little toddler. You’re little temper has spiked a few times when you don’t get your way and we’ve had some chats about not always getting what we want when we want it. On the flip side, you are also practicing being extra sweet! You can bat your eyes and toss the cutest smiles and you know how to be super silly. Silly until we’re all rolling with laughter :)

This last month has been full of some new teeth, a cold, and a bout with bronchiolitis so sleep has been interrupted quite a bit. We did take down your crib last weekend – not that you ever sleep in it – and set up your mattress next to mama’s side of the bed. We’re talking about practicing some naps and nights in your own space. We’ll see how that goes in the coming weeks :)

Every day I feel like I learn more about you and the little girl you are becoming. I’m blessed to have you in my life. You are my sunshine and Mama loves you SO MUCH!

Pushing the kitchen chairs all around the living room
Taking baths with mama
Sitting at your little desk next to mama’s big one
Dancing and snapping your fingers to music
Climbing on things
Sticking out her tongue
Pouring snacks on the floor and bending down to lick them up
Playing in her under-stair cubby space
Puppies, kitties, and owls – she loves them all!
Riding in the special car grocery carts
“Gluck, gluck” – the sound of a chicken … and many other birds
“Doe” or “Dooooeeeee-g” – Dog
“Nose” – has only said it a few times, but points to mine when I ask her to
“Wha dat?” – Jem asks “What’s that?” all. day. long
“Who dat?” – as she points at every picture she can find
Smiles for the camera when I say “say cheese”
When she is done eating she puts her silverware in her bowl and hands it to me
She can climb on and off the couch and bed by herself
Finally signing “all done” and sometimes “more”, this is mostly because I’ve been lax in practicing, but we’re getting better :)
She has learned to pinch, OW!
Pretending to take her temperature with the swipe thermometer
Tossing and kicking her new bouncy ball
Wiping her nose and face with tissues
Hair is long enough for one ponytail instead of just two
Applesauce pouches (on super sale at Costco!)
Spaghetti squash with tomato sauce
Kix and Life cereal
Fruit leather
Grilled cheese sandwiches
Pasta with mizithra cheese from Old Spaghetti Factory
Taco meat with cheese on top
… Oh so many ways to follow along …
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