Little Mama

At 15 months, Jemma has become quite the little mama.

Last night we babysit one of her dear little friends and she was the biggest helper! She sat right next to him on the floor, passing toys, giving kisses, and replacing his pacifier whenever it fell. We set out her old bouncer and swing as activity stations and Jemma was a pro at helping the bouncer bounce :)

This morning she has placed a number of her dolls in the bouncer, moved then to the swing, and now her grocery cart. In between transfers she pats their back and gives them a kiss.

She seems so young to be a little mama, but she is. She loves and cares for her dolls so sweetly. And she does this for her people too. If you’re sad, she knows. She crawls into your lap, snuggles close, and pats your back. Her small movements and calm spirit bring comfort. Such a special girl, Jemma the Little Mama.

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  1. says

    Oh my goodness she is such a sweety. Lucky mama.

  2. Charissa Jimenez says

    AH! I just read this. I'm so glad my baby could help Jemma get her mama grove on :) Evan sang all about the glories of hanging out with a friend on the way home! :) I love that they got a long so well and still look at that pic of the two of them every once in a while when I need a smile!