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  1. Mother mopher says

    CONGRATS!!!!!!!! so awesome! =)

  2. Rebekah says

    Yaaay! I am rejoicing with you!!! I've followed your lovely life for almost a year now and am soo excited to watch and celebrate with you through this next phase of your life! Smiling at you from afar…Rebekah:D

  3. says

    yay!! Congrats…is this an adoption or pregnancy? I'm dying to know your thought process on when to have number 2… My baby is a few months behind jemma and it occupies my mind constantly!

  4. Hannah Barnhorn says

    Congratulations! Keep healthy and well!

  5. Amy @ dwell in the s says

    How exciting! Thrilled for you guys!

  6. Jennifer says

    Congratulations!!! I am so excited for you three!!

  7. hannahervin says

    Yay! I secretly confess: I have been waiting for this announcement since the blog post were you mentioned "the life growing around and inside of me"…or something to that affect :) Congratulations, Gretchen!

  8. Dana says

    congrats! that's so exciting!

  9. says

    Yay!! Congratulations!!! So excited for you all!

  10. says

    What incredible news! (Even with a not-even-3 month old, somehow my first reaction to this news was a twinge of jealousy, go figure.)Also, I haven't been able to comment much lately since most blog reading is being done on my phone & while breastfeeding, but just wanted to say thanks for all of the awesome resources and information you've been posting. I really enjoyed wool week and the amazing list of co-sleeping evidence & information you linked to. Keep it up!

  11. dear lola says

    A huge congrats to you and the family! Such incredible news – what a blessing! It made me emotional to see that photo of Jemma, thinking, wow, she is going to be such a beautiful, caring big sister! Jemma looks so grown up there, but to just think she is the same age as our Lola is incredible. Big smiles & prayers from this end xxxx

  12. says

    Congrats to you guys! How exciting. I was just thinking that it's great fun that Pinterest is around for this…I don't know if it was when you were expecting Jemma :)

  13. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Anna – I know exactly what it is like to do all your reading while breastfeeding! Alot of my reading still happens while I rock Jem to sleep for her nap so I've been slacking on comments too. Just part of being a mama :)

  14. ThatMamaGretchen says

    I always think that when I see pictures of Lola too! So fun that our girls have little internet buddies :)


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