Max | 6 Months

This precious boy has bounded through the first half of his first year. I can hardly believe that my snuggly little man is rolling, sitting, smiling, cooing and filling with more and more life each day. He has become a super mama’s boy and is absolutely smitten with his sister. He loves being close to […]

Max | 5 Months

Melt my heart, why don’t ya, Max? Five months is looking so good on you! You are embracing your new world of sitting up, with help still, but you are getting super strong. With your first snow in mid December you also accomplishing rolling over from tummy to back and blowing lots of smiley bubbles. […]

Max | 4 Months

Oh, well, hey there handsome fella! Words can’t quite describe how wonderful life is with you. You fill each day with smiles and giggles (a few tears on occasion too) and Jemma and I can’t get enough. Daddy too, but Jem and I are the ones who put in the long hours with you :) […]

Max | 3 Months

Mr. Max … You make Mama’s heart swell with love, pride, and all thing good each and every day. You’ve started smiling from ear to ear (much more than your Sissy ever did) and we all love making funny faces and sounds at you to try and spark a grin. It isn’t very hard! You’re […]


I would say shame on me for taking so long to share about Jemma’s actual birthday … but no, these outtakes from her two year old pictures explain it all. As I’m sure you can imagine, life is wild and busy with this little firecracker by my side. She’s an absolute gem Jem! After breakfast […]

Max | 2 Months

Oh, sweet boy. Where to begin?  This month, like all the months to come, have been too darn precious. You are flashing smiles like no one’s business and you love tummy time. It’s so fun to see you growing more and more each day. The rolls are roll-erific! Anywhere and everywhere – you have them! […]

Happy 2nd Birthday, Jemma!

Yesterday we celebrated Jemma’s 2nd birthday! Words cannot quite express how blessed I feel to have such a happy, healthy girl as part of our family. Jem has grown so much in the last year and I’m immensely proud of who she is and who she is becoming. Daily, I praise the Lord for giving […]

Max | One Month

When I woke up on September 9th there were tears in my eyes.Tears of joy.Tears of lost moments.Tears of contentment.Tears of love.You were one month old and I couldn’t fathom how time had passed so quickly. A mere month ago you were snuggled tightly in my womb. Thirty short days ago we were physically connected. […]

23 Months

My sweet girl, Do you see that picture? Those glimmering eyes, cheeky grin, and wild hair, oh my! I love ever speckle of you! We visited the market last week and you had so much fun pointing out animals, trying your first snow cone, and filling your skirt’s pockets with rocks. Not to mention the […]

22 Months

Sweet Jem … Not long ago I remember thinking, “Sissy, you are going to be such a big girl when you’re 22 months! You’ll become a big sister, be talking up a storm, and still be my most favorite girlie in the world!” And it’s all true :)  Although I’ve been super tired and a […]

21 Months

Hey there sweet girl :) I snapped this picture on Father’s Day and Daddy and I both have it as the main picture on our phones now. Your sweet smile makes us both so happy! This was also the day that you ate a piece of pizza all by yourself – pepperoni, sausage, and cashews. […]