16 Months

Book explosion – Jemma’s favorite pastime

 Brace yourself. Well, myself. How is my itty bitty baby 16 months old??? That’s getting awfully close to 2, or at least 1 1/2! Plus, now she is a big sister which makes her seem much older than she actually is.

I’ve had a pretty relaxed month – battling fatigue and nausea, but Jemma, she has been busier than ever. Cruising around being my little helper … never too early to show off those big sis skills :)

Playing with the fry basket at The Rock // Sharing cereal with her auntie’s little dog // Chasing me to view the photos I took on the preview screen // Climbing stairs at record speed
Pushing the start button on the washer and dryer
Helping unload the dishwasher
Sleeping on top of my pillow
Walking around the house and looking at pictures of family members
Finding pictures of dogs and cats in magazines
Moving her cloth diapers from their drying rack to their drawer
Listening to upbeat music and dancing – she can side step and twirl in a circle 
Walks outside and feeling the rain on her face
“Whoo, whoo” for owls
“Shhhhhh” when she is rocking her baby
Lots more “mama” usually when she really wants something
Non-stop babbling :)
Responds very well to “Sit on your bottom” and “gentle, please”
Drinking from a straw
Lots of new dance moves
Stacking toys up tall
Making a snapping motion with her fingers
Pirate’s Booty
Toast with honey, peanut butter, or homemade jam
Mexi black beans
Blue Machine Naked Juice blended with coconut milk and spinach
Steel cut oats with cinnamon applesauce
Pasta with butter and mizithra cheese
… Oh so many ways to follow along …
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  1. Dee says

    What a cutie! Phew, they sure do get into a lot at this age don't they? ;)

  2. Denise C says

    I am loving this………I get to "keep up with you all" :) HUGS

  3. GranJan says

    Those pix are so great! And the one on books, with a little spare tire around her middle? Priceless.We can attest to the dancing… wow, she's got the moves! Oh, there's one more new skill for her list: rocking the Tyke Byke.

  4. Jessica says

    What a cute blog you have! I just found you on the picket fence website. Your little one is so sweet & it's amazing how fast they grow up, isn't it?! My daughter is 13 months, so they are almost the same age. I am your newest blog follower! If you would like to check out my little space, it's here: http://www.mommyhoodbyjess.com ~Jessica