What Does a 16 Month Old Do All Day?

For our getaway gone bust I wrote a fun little hour-by-hour recap for Jemma’s auntie. Jemma shared many of her favorite things and gave a glimpse at her daily schedule. Here’s a peak into a day in the life of Jemma!

 6:30-8:00 am
Yay! This is when I wake up every morning (as early at 6:30, but sometimes not until 7:30. My mama and I usually snuggle in bed for awhile and then we head into the bathroom to get ready. Fresh dipe first, don’t forget! And, get me a sippy cup from downstairs so I can read and sip while you are in the shower. Sippy cup = 1 oz juice + 5 oz water + 1 drop of Vitamin D.

8:00-9:00 am
BREAKFAST TIME! I eat oatmeal every morning – just warm it up for 1 minute and I’ll do my best not to make a mess. I can use my own spoon (sometimes my hands), but like to get help because then I can eat more, and eat more faster! I’ll tell you when I’m done by handing you my bowl. Then I get a green smoothie – 1/2 portion Naked juice + 1/2 portion coconut milk + 2 cups of spinach. Blend for 1 minute and fill up my sippy. I usually like at least 1 refill – it’s so yummy! 1/2 portion = maybe 2 ounces or whatever you pour of the first, match with the second :)

9:00-11:00 am
After breakfast and before nap I like to play and read books. My mama does her computer work during this time and I try to stay quiet, but you don’t have work, right Kiki? So, we can just play, play, play! Maybe we can even go on a walk or to the library! When mama and I run errands in the morning we try to leave by 9  because it is in your best interest to start my nap time right around 11.
11:00 am
For nap time success, get my room really dark, turn on the fan, and rock me in the rocking chair. I like to rest my head on your shoulder and be covered in one of my forest blankets because they are the softest. You’ll know when I fall asleep because I get extra heavy and droopy. Don’t move to the bed until you are 100% I am asleep or else you’ll have to start all over again. On most days it only takes me 10-15 minutes to fall asleep and I rest for 2 hours, sometimes 3, but usually just 2. If you nap with me I nap longer, but I’m allowed to be in bed by myself. Just make sure I’m in the middle and won’t have any heavy pillows fall on my face. Sometimes mama does work on her laptop during my naps too – I don’t like the bright light, but when I’m really asleep it doesn’t matter.

1:00-2:00 pm
When I wake up I am SO HUNGRY! So, while I’m sleeping you better think of a plan for lunch. Sometimes I am picky so maybe have a couple options up your sleeve … things like grilled cheese, peanut butter and banana sandwich, or french bread pizza are usually winners. I’m open to leftovers as well. Right now pears are my most favorite fruits so maybe we can share one! On the side I like Pirate’s Booty, bites of granola bar, and cereal, but mama thinks those are more like dessert so I have to have a main dish first so I get most full on healthy things. To drink I’m supposed to have water, but I usually like my 1 to 5 juice mix best. A sippy of coconut milk is also good, especially if I have sticky peanut butter!

2:00-7:00 pm
This is my really long stretch of the day. I only take one nap now because I’m such a big girl! So, after lunch mama and I make a plan for the whole afternoon. Here’s a few ideas:

  • Build a fort and read books inside
  • Go on a walk outside – make sure I have good shoes on! Or, we can take the stroller and go longer, I love to have the wind in my face and hair! I wonder if we could find the park?
  • If it is raining, we can go on a walk at the mall since it is so close by.
  • Drive to the downtown library and explore! I could do this forever as it is my most favorite activity in the world! 
  • Visit Target – there is always cool stuff to look at there and I like to ride in carts.
  • Go out to eat – if it is getting close to dinner and you don’t want to eat at home I am totally game for a culinary adventure. I like Chipotle and the mac ‘n cheese at Panera. As always, I’m picky sometimes so be sure to pack a sippy, some Cherrios, and a Plum Organics pouch in case I decide that would be better than whatever you order.
  • If I get grouchy while you are fixing dinner I am allowed to watch a little bit of Sprout TV. I’ll eat whatever you fix, hopefully.
  • I also love to take baths, even when I’m not dirty! Just fill the tub enough to cover my thighs and give me lots of toys. Even better though is when I have a bath buddy. Then the water can go higher and I’m allowed to walk around and not just sit. You are allowed to read while I play with my toys :) Don’t forget lotion afterwards so my skin stays soft and smooth!

7:00-8:00 pm
This is my bedtime. At about 7 my mama gets some of her milk from the garage freezer. To help it thaw fast we fill a big cup full of hot water from the sink and put the milk bag inside. Once it is thawed, pour it into my sippy, but don’t let me see it! For bed we put on a night diaper and pajamas. Then, I wash my face and brush my teeth. Bedtime routine is like my nap except for I get a sippy of milk. I like to lay in your arms with my sippy while you sing and say goodnight prayers, and when I’m done I move to your shoulder and we rock. Sometimes it takes me longer to fall asleep at night. Once I’m in bed it is helpful for you to lay next to me and rub my back and play with my hair. When you hear me sleep breathing you can slowly inch away. The monitor downstairs on the window sill connects to my room so just turn it on and I’ll call for you if I need you.

Isn’t that pretty sweet hearing the day from Jemma’s voice? I’m thinking I should do this every few months since she is always changing! Back at 12 months her routine was so different, and now look at her – SUCH A BIG GIRL!

Eeek – I just realized I wrote this almost a month ago and Jemma is now 17 months! Be still my heart.

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  1. Megan @ boho mama says

    I LOVE this! It's so adorable! What a great idea. Jemma has a pretty sweet life :)

  2. Dearlola says

    Loved this! Sounds quite similar to Lola's day too.. Does Jemma sleep in a cot or bed? I didn't particularly want to put Lola in a bed (in her room) quite yet, but just last week, she has been showing signs of wanting to be in one! Eep! The simple signs being – not wanting to fall asleep in her bed, but preferring a big bed (doesn't matter if it's ours or not) and always by herself with pillows on eitherside & a watchful mama by the door :) When she is asleep we transfer her to her room & cot & she will happily sleep for 12 hours or so… no complaints here… just think she is a so small to be a in a big bed! Sorry for the rant, just interested to hear what Jem's sleeping in :)

  3. Dearlola says

    To avoid confusion I meant * not wanting to fall asleep in her cot :)

  4. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Jemma is still in bed with us at night. Although, we did just move her crib mattress from the crib to the floor next to my side. This week we've been reading stories on it and playing. One of these nights, probably when we are all feeling better, I'll try to get her to fall asleep on it too! My goal is to have her sleeping most of the night on it by the time baby #2 arrives. At that point we might get a twin as a floor bed and set up the crib again for baby's naps and such. We'll see.