13 & 14 Months

Yikes – I completely missed Jemma’s 13 month post. Probably because we were traveling for much of October and early November. We’ll consider this a catch up for both months …

My sweet girl …
You and I are becoming the very best of friends. Of course, I’ll always be your mama first, but spending each day together has brought us so close.  We do everything together and it’s amazing watching you learn and grow as we make our way through the days. Such a little smartie you are!

You first walked on October 5th (my birthday!), and during November you have become so confident in walking – you only occasionally crawl now. You aren’t very speedy, more deliberate and careful with a little waddle – when you walk you kind of resemble a penguin :) You love to carry things around and share with whoever you can. When you are ready to snuggle you’ll choose a book and walk yourself right into my lap – ready to read and relax in the crook of my arm.

You are a very quiet, observant girl. When others are around you are silent, just staring, no words or smiles. But when we are at home you babble away – little conversations with yourself, your books, your dolls, whoever will listen :) New words include “uh oh”, “meow”, “ruff ruff”, “dis” (meaning, “what is this?”) and “eye”.

You greatly dislike laying down for diaper changes, but that is really the only time you fuss. Oh, and when I take a shower – you hate feeling locked out! You enjoy riding in your car seat, playing in the kitchen with your fridge farm, crawling up the stairs, watching the washer and dryer work, taking baths, kissing you dolls and pictures of babies in your books, and unloading drawers, bags, cupboards, bookshelves – anything you can get your hands on! We are practicing putting things away too :)

Food has been an adventure these last few months. You stopped nursing very abruptly at 12 1/2 months, but I have continued to pump so you have mama milk once or twice each day in addition to a plethora of food. Your favorites are Greek yogurt with honey, grapes, blueberries, chicken curry salad, cinnamon raisin toast, Cheerios, meatballs, spaghetti squash and tomato sauce, and lots more. Anything with a sauce seems to be a hit – she tried mango chicken, enchiladas, and chili recently and loved them all!

Nap time are difficult, but we’re doing our best to find a good routine that is calm and peaceful for us all. We’ve started rocking to sleep in the rocking chair while I sing Tender Shepherd, then laying down together in bed. Sometimes I’ll nap, but most often that’s when I get some computer time for work.

Other fun firsts include your first plane ride (two trips actually) and your first time in pig tails!

Just like every month, this last month has been my favorite. I can’t believe how quickly you are growing. How much you are learning. How you have transformed into a beautiful little girl. I love you to pieces dear girl.

Hugs and kisses,

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  1. says

    Jemma is so cute! I love her little blue sweater in the picture above, so adorable! How exciting that she can walk now!

  2. says

    Oh my those pig tails are the sweetest things ever.

  3. says

    I only wish my daughter had that much hair! Those are the cutest little piggies I've ever seen!

  4. says

    She is so cute, you are very lucky. I love the pig tails…very sweet