A Week With No Nanny …

Our nanny is out of town for a few weeks.  We’re praying like crazy that she returns. Because we love her. She has promised that she will :) So, I’m not too worried. While she’s away, I have some fabulous days off (unpaid thanks to my maternity leave wiping out all my vacation and sick […]

Family Dedication

Today we participated in our church’s parent/child dedication. It was a wonderful time to publicly share our commitment to raise Jemma in a Christian home and dedicate her to the Lord. Such a meaningful time for our little family! Thanks to our family and friends who were there to support us!

Twenty Ten

Dominic and I have resolved to make the verbage switch to “twenty ten” and “twenty eleven” instead of the long winded “two thousand and ________”.  Yep, we are all over significant resolutions. Now, on to the fun stuff … in the big ol’ TWENTY TEN we experienced more than we could have imagined. It has […]

Beat the Clock 5K Run

Dominic and Aunt Katie ran a 5K this weekend. Their first of many, so I hear. Who knows … perhaps theyll talk me into joining them one of these days. Dominic won 3rd place in his age category! . Sadly, Jemma and I were nursing in the car when Daddy crossed the finish line. We’ll […]

My Sister’s Wedding

I’ve always promised my sister, Katie, that I would plan her wedding. I plan to go out, shop, seek and conquer; returning with a few options for her to make her final selection on things such as location, dresses, flowers … you name it … I will find it. Katie isn’t much of a shopper and […]

What we’ve been up to …

Blogging has slipped way down on my priority list. Actually, it has practically fallen off the list. Something about having a little princess snoozing on your chest makes everything else in life less important. That’s right, it is a miracle if the dishes get loaded or laundry folded or a blog written. Life is just […]

October is for Birthday Girls

I knew all along that my baby and I would have birthdays close together. Turns out we’ll celebrate just 3 days apart every year … Miss Jemma on the 2nd and me on the 5th! This year we laid low due to the fact that my milk was coming in (lovely). My family came over […]