Kate Quinn and the start of my life as a seamstress

On Saturday Mom, Auntie Hannah, Jemma and I drove to Seattle to visit the Kate Quinn Organics Outlet. Because that’s what bargain hunters do. They find something they love and then find out how to get it on sale. We scored on a number of items including the next size up of my all-time favorite baby clothes – sleep sacques
So far we’ve stuck to the sleeper and onesie outfits, but as soon as Jem starts walking we’ll be investing in some of the adorable dresses.
Or maybe I’ll attempt to sew some of my own. I’ve already jumped in part way to this project because I found this fabric at Craft Warehouse last week and couldn’t resist. Especially since it was marked down to $4.49/yard. Isn’t it a super fabulous print? I can just imagine Miss Jemma in it! Any good dress patterns you know of? Preferably on the super easy spectrum of sewing.
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Mad plans are in the works for some burp clothes too. I bought some retro flannel and my Mom is planning to visit soon for a sewing day. Three cheers for my birthday sewing machine … we’re ramping up for the first of many lovely projects!
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    LOVE that fabric! Adorable. Can't help you with the patterns, though. Learning to sew or knit or crochet is on my (rather long) to-do list.

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    I have been dying to add sewing to my crafty mom projects. I inherited a Bernina sewing machine last year when my grandmother passed. Maybe we can have some matching cousin dresses. (I'm sure that you, Hannah, and Katie had at least one of those when you were little)

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