A Week With No Nanny …

Our nanny is out of town for a few weeks. 
We’re praying like crazy that she returns.
Because we love her.
She has promised that she will :)
So, I’m not too worried.
While she’s away, I have some fabulous days off (unpaid thanks to my maternity leave wiping out all my vacation and sick time, but still very much welcome) and Jemma is also spending some time with her grandparents and Daddy.
Last week Jemma had too much fun.
Life with grandparents is kind of like that …
Getting ready to visit Mama for lunch
Found a dandelion and made a wish!
Helped Pops mow the lawn
Trying out apples – a new favorite
My sweet girl wearing her market pants … she’s ready for fresh veggies!
Loving the outside …
There’s rain in the forecast … OH NO!
Embrace the day … at least today is sunny :)
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