Where the grass is greener

Having this little lady visit me at lunch everyday makes the work week much brighter!

As is my norm, thinking about Thursdays (my Friday) makes me all giddy and chipper. I can’t wait for the weekend! We’re heading north to visit my family and celebrate my baby sister’s high school graduation. She’s quite the stud as she has also completed her Associates at the community college! I’m super proud of her :)

We are also attending a citywide garage sale and I can’t wait to show you all my treasures. I’m keeping my eye out for some type of outdoor play structure – a slide/climbing combo for Jem to explore on in the coming months. We’ll see if I get lucky. Lastly, we’re squeezing in a dear friend’s wedding. Because, let’s face it – a graduation, graduation dinner, garage sale and wedding is just the perfect amount of busy for a 24 hour period.

Then, we’re home to hang out with Dominic’s bro and sis-in-law and my adorable niece who are visiting from out of state! We’ll all be celebrating Father’s Day together. WOOHOO!

Yes, thinking of Thursdays makes me happy – weekend anticipation is such a high-giver, wouldn’t you agree?

So often I find myself lamenting about how the grass is always greener because … dot dot dot … whatever reason I can think of. But, I’m really trying to update my perspective and find my own green grass. Take for example, that crazy sweet little girl above. She is happy and healthy and so joyful. And, even though I’m at work during four days of our week, we get to reconnect during lunch. And that is something to be thankful for.

Need a reason to see your own green grass? Check out this list from Bekah over at My Little Loves. Her Mothering Mantra was quite encouraging.

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