Shutterfly savings to kick off the Christmas savings

The holidays are right around the corner. Can you believe it? All our family will be together for Thanksgiving and then, BAM, Christmas season!
My to-do list still has many Fall/home projects, but Christmas is starting to spin in my mind as well. Christmas cards are one of those things I need to get started on now. Luckily, this year Shutterfly is giving 50 picture cards to bloggers! Such a great coupon! I think I might whip up a newsletter of sorts to go along with our cards. We’ll see what all I can do with a sleeping (or screaming) babe in my arms :)
I love how we celebrate Christmas in our family. It’s about Christ and being together rather than gift craziness. We have really parred things down over the years. Especially since our family has been void of children for the last while. We draw names for a gift exchange or decide on a family gift. We make a purchase from World Vision’s Gift Catalog and compile boxes for Operation Christmas Child. We’ve volunteered in the past as Salvation Army bell ringers and relish in other holiday activities like chopping our own tree, Candlelight Service at church and baking treats.
Jemma has two 1 year old cousins, Bishop and Karrington, as well as one more cousin on the way so I am sure we’ll be capturing the Christmas spirit even more in the coming years. But, it is my hope that we keep things simple. Gifts that they truly appreciate and the understanding that we are blessed far more than many. Hopefully this will spur them to give with gracious hearts and we’ll be able to play a small role in sharing Christ’s love during the holidays.
As Christmas thoughts fill my mind I’m doing my best to focus on the present. Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday too; nothing better than giving thanks, indulging in fantastic food and time together as a family … only a few more weeks!
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