It’s Party Time!

My sisters and a bunch of friends from home are planning a fun shower later this month. Check out these lovely invites … I can’t wait! A special thanks to Mallory at Maysie Faye’s on Etsy for creating this digital artwork! She is very prompt, does lots of customizations and was great to work with. […]

Week of the Amazing Aunts

One of the most encouraging things about embarking on motherhood is being surrounded by fabulous women who “get” you. They know when you just need to vent, why you are silly, when you just need to shop … it is a good place to be. This entire blog could be dedicated to the amazing women […]

Deal Finders R Us

JanMom, Dominic, Mom and I had been planning to go to the Just Between Friends Baby Sale FOREVER. This weekend was it and we hit the ground running! Tons of clothes, books, movies, furniture, supplies and all things baby! Dominic gets Father of the Year props for his 4-hour shopping trip. That’s right … 4 […]