October is for Birthday Girls

I knew all along that my baby and I would have birthdays close together. Turns out we’ll celebrate just 3 days apart every year … Miss Jemma on the 2nd and me on the 5th!

This year we laid low due to the fact that my milk was coming in (lovely). My family came over for a delicious dinner prepared by my mom who managed to take care of Jemma and I all day while whipping up these ribs, sweet potato fries, sticky rice, spinach salad and carrot cake cupcakes. Of course, the highlight of my birthday snuggling Miss Jemma. She was a delight in her cute party clothes and had a blast celebrating her mama’s 24th birthday, especially since she got a full dinner of milk :)

Dominic, as always, came through with the most perfect gift … my sewing machine!!! My parents assembled a basket of notions complete with a pattern for some adorable terry cloth bibs (could this be my first project?!?!?). Katie and Hannah special ordered the Tom’s wedges I have been dying over. Dominic’s parents blessed me with a gift certificate to an Italian restaurant (perhaps Dom and I’s first date post-baby!?!?) and a fun book about how to care for babies. 

Thanks so much to my family for making my birthday so special!
Does it get any cuter than this?
Mama on her 24th birthday
Jemma celebrating day 3 of her rockstar life :)
Jemma Janell and her namesake, Grandma Jan, who we have started calling GranJan
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  1. says

    You got awesome gifts!! I'm including Jemma in that thought. ;) I'm totally jealous that you got the Tom's wedges. Oh and Jemma's got it goin' on. I can't wait to meet that little princess!

  2. says

    Happy happy birth and birthdays! And what a lovely present- that milk coming in. messy, no? i hope all is going well and you're getting some time to bask. congratulations again! we're so proud of you!

  3. says

    hooray for your sewing machine! I got mine for a birthday present as well. Year two of having it, and I still feel like a newbie. Jemma is beautiful. That was the best present I am sure.

  4. says

    You better be calling me as the babysitter for your first date!! :o) I am so happy for you and can't believe how adorable Jemma is. Congratulations to you two!!!!

  5. Anonymous says

    erik and i are also 3 days apart. me on april 1st, erik on the 4th. and that makes us 6 months and a day apart. or something like that.Christine….

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