Putting Tears in Perspective

In our society, children, even babies, are viewed with suspicion. Rather than trusting that their cries signal a need, we are told that they are manipulating us. Liefloff continues, saying that “Babies have, indeed, become a sort of enemy to be vanquished by the mother. Crying must be ignored so as to show the baby […]

I’m That Mom … and Proud of It

Just like everyone, I adore reading Melissa’s blog, Dear Baby. Recently she posted about Everly choking and I had a mini heart attack. In a moment of panic would I remember how to help Jemma (or another baby) if they were choking? This spurred an email to our family/friends … Feel free to roll your […]

New Read: Sorta Crunchy

Megan at Sorta Crunchy is chalk full of thoughtful posts on relevant topics for today’s parents. I love all her resources and will definitely be visiting frequently! This afternoon I found these 2 articles … definitely worth a read: Why We’ll Skip the Flu Shot (again) and What We’ll Do Instead On Vaccinations and Moving […]

11 lbs, 10 oz and a few other thoughts

Jemma and I trekked to Andaluz yesterday for her 3 week check-up. My little girl weighs a whopping 11 pounds, 10 ounces! She has gained a pound each week of her life!–I promise I’ll be writing and posting her birth story soon, but the bottom line is, we are indebted to our birth team. They […]

EcoStore USA Review

Over the last few months I’ve been communicating with Maggie from EcoStore USA. She is a mom blogger who has a heart for family’s health and wellness and has partnered with EcoStore USA to provide some amazing products to family’s like mine. Maggie contacted me about reviewing some of EcoStore USA’s products and I jumped […]

Vaccines, Part 5: Preventing Reactions

At the end of Dr. Hoffmann-Smith’s vaccination class he gave parents 8 questions to help prevent vaccine reactions. I felt like this was really helpful information since I think we’ll end up pursuing some of the recommended vaccines. Dr. Hoffmann-Smith believes many vaccine reactions aren’t reported which then skews statistics and doesn’t alert the public […]