Star Worthy V.5

It’s been a bit since I pulled together a Star Worthy. I think because I tend to pin most everything I love these days :) But, here’s a few that I must share – totally worth a look-see. Squash soup – can you say, “YUMM-O”  Ashley’s take on BABYWEARING – seriously the best I’ve read […]

Links to Love

I’m sure it’s going to be a pretty lovely Wednesday. I mean, it’s June 29th and the weather is going to reach a high of 64 degrees. Yay for summer in the Northwest! It’s also my Mama’s birthday today! She’s spending it on the road with my Pa and 2 sisters heading to my baby […]

Changing Doctors

I haven’t been ecstatic about the pediatrician’s office we chose for Jemma. Nothing huge has happened, I just feel like I should be getting more for the amount we pay (both out of pocket and through insurance). I’m probably gauging things off of my excellent midwifery care – lots of time, care and education. But […]

Links to Love

We aren’t even discussing night weaning yet, but when we do, I’m all over this book! A news break in research linking autism and vaccines. It’s important to remember there is alot of money being exchanged in the world of vaccine production and advertisement. I hate to be blunt, but do your research before you […]

Jemma’s Spa Morning

This morning as I ran out the door I asked our nanny to give Jemma a bath today. A few hours later I got this precious picture and text … Dear Mom, I had a nice time at the jacuzzi and spa with my nanny. I got an oil rub and a makeover and now […]