Power Protein Foods

Little Miss Protein – meatballs are her #1 I’m gonna go out on a limb and tell all you pregnant mamas that it’s time to eat for two. Of course, eating for two needs to be a strategic activity. I’m not talking about bags of Cheetos (although, that does sound yummy). I’m talking about protein […]

Crunchy Mamas & Dads

These videos just make me crack up laughing … I’m so happy they came out with one for Dads! Dominic could totally star in one of these :) He’s my handsome fansome crunchy man. And, if you missed the mama versions … here they are! I must admit I had to look up what spirulina […]

Bring On the Calm – Hypnobabies for Birth #2

Joining Julie at A Little Bit of All  of It for her Preparing for Birth Series. This week’s focus is Childbirth Education. Want to participate? Learn about all the upcoming topics here! During my first pregnancy Dominic and I took Bradley classes. It was the perfect fit for us as first time parents since it […]

Cooking with Grapeseed Oil

Last Fall I was introduced to Wildtree which specializes healthy seasonings, oils, and dinner/dip/dessert mixes. It has been one of the stepping stones in my learning more about healthier eating. I wanted to share a bit about one specific product – grapeseed oil – because, before my introduction to Wildtree I had never heard of […]

Blood Work and Baby Kicks

 Last week I spent 30 minutes explaining a blood work request to the clinic – read more about my experience with co-managed healthcare here. I seethed at how difficult this was all becoming. Should I just switch to the clinic’s OB? Should I just spend the money to pay out pocket for the test and […]

Tips for Navigating Co-Managed Prenatal Healthcare

For both of my pregnancies I have opted for co-managed healthcare between a non-hospital birth center and a clinic/hospital that my insurance contracts with. This definitely isn’t the easiest option, but I couldn’t imagine doing it any other way. Co-managed healthcare has allowed me to have immense support from my midwife team while balancing the […]

Jemma Goes to the Emergency Room

Jemmie has been super sick all week. She had all the signs of a bad cold – fever, cough, irritability, mama only snuggles, snotty nose, no appetite. And then the poor thing stopped having wet diapers so we marched over to our pediatrician yesterday and he ruled out anything super dangerous, but recommended that we […]

Surviving the Sickies

Right before Christmas Jemma weathered her first major cold. At the same time she had a molar are two working through as well and we were generally a mess of snot and unhappiness :( But, we came through and were well by Christmas – YAY! Here’s a few of our favorite tips and tricks for […]