Naps and Yelling Just Don’t Mix

The other week Max’s “nap” ended with me yelling in frustration and Max not sleeping. Not my finest moment. Actually, I’ve been having a few too many “not fine moments”. I strive to be a gentle parent – one who guides and nurtures. Not one who yells or loses control over seemingly small things. But, […]

Why We Cosleep

Welcome to the Safe Cosleeping Blog CarnivalThis post was written for inclusion in the Safe Cosleeping Blog Carnival hosted by Monkey Butt Junction . Our bloggers have written on so many different aspects of cosleeping. Please read to the end to find a list of links to the other carnival participants.***  I asked That Dad […]

Milestones & Meltdowns

We’ve got some BIG updates … Jemma is a crawler! She made her first move on her 8 month birthday eve (yes, we obviously celebrate the little things around here). See for yourself: Jemma is a signer! I wasn’t sure it was true when she first did it, but we’re a few weeks in and she […]

5 Months of Special Moments

I’m guessing no one wants another post about  how Jemma is growing up so fast and how I can hardly believe where the last 5 months has gone. Right? . So, instead, I’m going to share 5 special moments from the last 5 months. It seems a fitting thing to do since we are celebrating […]