Goodbye Summer

The summer began with mass packing as we prepared to move in with my parents for our Build That House adventure. Said house is not one ounce further along but that’s another story. Hannah and I spent oodles of quality time together in May since she was home from college and then my Mom and […]

Ode to My Sister

My baby sister and I were pretty much inseparable this summer. She was Jemma and I’s “Hannie Nanny” – the perfect helper, cook, and best friend. Sadly, she’s back at college now so texts, emails, surprise packages, and Skype are our main mode of communication. Speaking of surprise packages … someone may be getting one […]


  Cooking … this amazing recipe from The Pioneer Woman. I mean, does she not cook anything amazing? I saw her whip this up on last week’s episode and couldn’t wait to pick me up some leeks and white wine. It turned out fabulous! My mom said it is one of her new favorite pastas […]


Mister Max is already 2 weeks old … really almost 3 … and I’m just now pulling together some Instapics from his first week. Guess that goes to show how busy things are with two little ones. Hardly any time for blogging, let alone time with two hands free! Things have been hard and wonderful […]


garden beauties | biscotti & decaf snack | new mama bag | my view looking down Enjoying … the last days of pregnancy. Everywhere I go people ask how I’m doing. But it’s not like, “How is your day?” It’s more like, “HOW … ARE … YOU … DOING?” with a sly smile and a […]


Cooking … I made these bars (lies, I asked Hannah to make them for me) as a good protein source. I’m planning to whip up some more to have as a yummy snack for our birth team during brother’s arrival. Making … More like what I’m planning/hoping/wishing to make. I have some sweet boy flannel […]

NPN Blog BIitz | A Day in the Life

It’s that time again! You might remember the great post in December 2011 that highlighted the Natural Parents Network Volunteer’s most popular or favorite posts from the year. Or what about March 2012 post which featured Do It Yourself projects, How To’s, Tutorials, Recipes, and anything related to a step by step guide or informational […]

A Day in the Life

It’s amazing to me both how much and how little Jem and I fit into each day. Some days are definitely more relaxed than others, those are our “home days” and I strive to have at least 2 of those each week. But the others, jeepers, we’re all over town! Here’s a peek into one […]

And … DONE!

It’s 10:30 pm. Dominic just got home from the big move day. We were up at 6:09 am this morning. Talk about a long day! my handsome hubby in his worker man carhartts | ready to load | 26 feet of life | the mama all ready for the caravan north The U-Haul got packed, […]