This is my new scarf from EcoShag, I have worn it 3 days in a row, it’s that awesome Reading: The Other Baby Book. It’s stellar and should be required reading for all mamas. Like the government should mandate it. Well … not really, but it’s that good and useful. Not full of scare tactics […]

Terrarium Fabulous Hits 6th Grade

My sister, Katie, is in her first official year as a teacher. She has been rockin’ the 6th grade science world along with some math, Bible, and reading … yep, she has a full plate. Katie brings science alive in a new and fresh way. Her students are extraordinarily honored to have her as a […]


Reading: Crossed. My sister teaches junior high which means she is privy to all the up-and-coming young adult novels. She read Twilight and Hunger Games eons before I heard about them! Supposedly the Matched trilogy is next in the queue for most popular. Crossed is the second book and the third comes out in November […]

Sunny Saturday

Two days ago we had 2 inches of snow at our house and it was freezing outside! Today, it probably got close to 70 degrees and the sun shone all day :) I’m so excited for spring and summer! We kicked off the morning by hosting a Pampered Chef party at our house. Do you […]

SUCCESS! #febphotoaday

First time trying to blog from my phone and I can’t re-organize the pics from my February Photo a Day, humph. Anyways – besides being out of order … here they are! Something you’re listening to Night Self portrait {+hubby} Hands A stranger Green Sun Dinner Drink Something you ate Words Money Makes you smile […]

Jemma Goes to the Emergency Room

Jemmie has been super sick all week. She had all the signs of a bad cold – fever, cough, irritability, mama only snuggles, snotty nose, no appetite. And then the poor thing stopped having wet diapers so we marched over to our pediatrician yesterday and he ruled out anything super dangerous, but recommended that we […]

It’s Sunny in the PNW

We had a rare break in the Pacific Northwest’s rainy winter. We marched outside without rain gear and no socks for a little neighborhood exploration. Jemma owned the sidewalk – snapping her fingers to the song in her head and swaying her arms back and forth, smiling at the sun and kissing the wind that […]


With all the bustle of Jemma’s 1st birthday, flying to Texas, and the ensuing nursing drama I completely forgot to mention that I turned the big 2-5 on October 5th. A whole quarter century old, I am! My family was in town for Jemma’s party on the 1st so afterwards we celebrated my birthday at […]