Ode to My Sister

My baby sister and I were pretty much inseparable this summer. She was Jemma and I’s “Hannie Nanny” – the perfect helper, cook, and best friend. Sadly, she’s back at college now so texts, emails, surprise packages, and Skype are our main mode of communication. Speaking of surprise packages … someone may be getting one soon :)

A few days ago Han and I hopped on Skype. I juggled a nursing babe and playing puzzles with Jem while we visited. Seriously, five years ago when I was in the throws of college I never imagined my life would so quickly morph into marriage and parenthood. It seems just like yesterday that I was studying business, watching late night movies with Dominic, and working as a waitress to pay those darn student loans. Now, I wouldn’t change my life for anything, but staring into Hannah’s quaint and quiet studio apartment did make me wish a little for some peace of my own.

During our conversation I got the scoop on her professors, the mountains of homework she’s wading through, and the 14 mile bike ride she took to the market this past weekend. OMG, biking 14 miles on a whim seems like such a college thing to do, oh the freedom of a Sunday afternoon. My sis is basically a rockstar at balancing the fun of life with her commitment to those extremely intense science textbooks. I’m constantly amazed at all she accomplishes. From Immunology to Organic Chemistry there is no doubt in my mind she is whooping her senior year!

I’m so proud of you Sis, keep up the good work and know that I’m rooting for you on the daily!

– – – – –

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