Goodbye Summer

The summer began with mass packing as we prepared to move in with my parents for our Build That House adventure. Said house is not one ounce further along but that’s another story. Hannah and I spent oodles of quality time together in May since she was home from college and then my Mom and Katie joined us once their school year was over. Yay! This was our first summer all together since the summer prior to my senior year of high school.

By the end of June I was uber pregnant – I spent most days waddling around wishing for something good to eat. Katie and Hannah appeased my hunger often and for that, I’m eternally thankful. Jemma ate up all the attention and learned so much having her grandparents and aunties around. I’m pretty sure she felt like she was on vacation most of the summer!

Then, on August 9th, we welcomed our little man and spent August soaking up the sunshine that is Mr. Max. Right before school began we took a stroll through the downtown farmer’s market. Of course, Max needed a snack during our outing and we settled onto a sweet lil’ bench for some mama milk munchies. I always wanted more photos of Jem nursing, so I’m determined to snap more of Max when I have the chance!

Here’s to a terrific summer! It shall go down in history as being a fabulous season of camaraderie, homemaking, and all things as bright and beautiful as the sun.

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  1. Katie Shannon says

    What precious pictures with your little guy! Love your braid. Glad you have a wonderful summer with your mom and sisters

  2. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Thanks, Katie! Braids are my new go to hairstyle :)

  3. Anna says

    That looks like a familiar burp cloth tucked in with Max….I hope you're enjoying it! And I love the nursing photos. I've taken a few of Miss M this summer because I know it can end at any time and I want to be able to remember all our wonderful milky snuggles. :)