And … DONE!

It’s 10:30 pm.

Dominic just got home from the big move day.

We were up at 6:09 am this morning.

Talk about a long day!

my handsome hubby in his worker man carhartts | ready to load | 26 feet of life | the mama all ready for the caravan north

The U-Haul got packed, we finished up the final details at the house, drove 2 hours to my parents, unloaded everything we need for the summer/fall/until our house is built, and took the remaining boxes of our life to storage. Phewf!

I’ll admit, I wasn’t a huge part of today. I did drive as a part of our caravan north, but other than that, Jemma and I weren’t really around. A preggo and toddler aren’t much help when it comes to heavy lifting. So … we spent the morning at a little send-off/shower with a few sweet mamas from our church.

um … aren’t these elephants the cutest?

Our little family was so blessed today. From helping hands while moving to lovely gifts for brother to hugs from dear friends. Moving is hard – physically and emotionally. It really drains you. But, jeepers, I’m ready to feel settled somewhere … anywhere. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all those who pitched in today. We couldn’t have done it without you!


I’m on to unpacking at my parents, making a mini home, and prepping to welcome brother!

I set up a bit of our room this evening before snuggling Jemma in bed. I’m absolutely smitten with the Anthropologie quilt I found back in December for only $65 – it’s definitely the highlight of our room! It’s the essence of cozy – I’ll try to share some pictures once things are more settled!

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  1. Linda giangregorio says

    Glad you got moved safely and smoothly! I thought you might like to know about this baby hammock out of australia. Jemma could use one too..they are really neat. I'm thinking it would be possible to mimic the design and make it yourself. It just seems like such a neat idea. Here's the link… Care,Linda

  2. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Totally looking into this – sounds awesome!